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Melanie Zembrzuski shares how MedReps helped find her "Dream Job."

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How do I justify investing in a Medreps membership?

That's a fair question. And who better to answer it than real MedReps members and job posters? These peer reviews are the best ways to show the success that others have had using MedReps. And not only did they find success, but they would recommend MedReps to a friend or colleague.

Benefits of a MedReps Membership

  • Opportunity
    MedReps has more job listings than any other medical sales site.
  • Response
    Over 50% of our members report a response when applying to jobs through
  • Progress
    1 out of every 3 of those applicants progress to the next phase of the hiring process.


"Over the years, my agency has placed hundreds of jobseekers in the Healthcare industry, and MedReps has been an integral part of our process. We really like the ease of posting jobs on their site. We were 'early adopters' to MedReps because of its healthcare focus and have been using it since its inception. Honestly, my recruiters and I like it better than Monster or CareerBuilder because it is more targeted toward quality healthcare candidates.

In Jessica's case, I had to review over 100 applicants to get to the top talent in that candidate pool. Jessica was truly a standout candidate in a very large pool of applicants. I called her immediately upon receiving her resume and instantly knew she'd do well in an interview. Jessica made all of this look easy, so I can't take all the credit, but I am pleased to share it with her."

-Cheryl Merlino
Professional Placement Partners, Inc.

"I just posted 5 positions on your site. My compliments to your web developer; that was one of the most user friendly sites I've ever used to post jobs!"

-Eileen L. Smith
Human resources Manager
ACell, Inc.

"[I] ran ads for Regional Sales Managers in the Northeast and had great success. We interviewed several candidates and offered the position to a respondent form New York. We are extremely pleased with the results of advertising with"

-Carl Sanchez

"I loved the quality of the individual applicants as well as the quantity of responses'With MedReps, you typically get candidates that are already in the industry. It's just a different caliber of candidate."

-Stacey Baker
Senior Recruiter
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"We all really appreciate the ease and efficiency of posting and editing jobs on MedReps.'

-Jenna Berry
HR Generalist
Forest Pharmaceuticals
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MedReps Recruiter Testimonials


"I was already working in the industry, when a friend recommended MedReps. I joined the site, and like any good sales rep, I approached my search with a hunter mentality. It took a few months and a lot of proactive follow-up, but eventually, I went on several interviews and ended up with multiple job offers."

-Danny D., Surgical Sales Rep member

"I had used Medreps in the past and found that it was a very comprehensive website for healthcare jobs. I personally believe it is the best site on the market because you get updated, quality positions that are posted regularly. It is easy to use and allows you to go into select markets in different areas of the country. I let my subscription expire, however recently renewed it. I am sorry that I did not renew it sooner as I missed some great postings that I had not seen on other sites. It's good to be back and stay current with the best healthcare positions!"

-Barbara R., member

"With over 20 years of Diagnostic/Life Science and Pharmaceutical Sales experience I never thought it would be so difficult to find a job. However when I lost my job in 2010, I took some time to spend with my family. My father had just been diagnosed with cancer, and he needed my support and care more than ever. In late 2011, when I decided it was time to get back to work, I was amazed with how difficult the job market was and even more so, how everything had changed in regards to what you need to know and how you need to network and use LinkedIn, etc. I was also overwhelmed with the amount of online job sites that say they can help! I found to be the answer by not only providing me with a more specific job search in the medical industry, but with all the helpful tools and webinars that they offer to assist me as I continue to search for my next career."

-Tonya B., member

"I had been a member of MedReps for 2 years, and I decided in the past 6 months to start applying again since I now had great sales experience. I was offered a job with Ecolab selling surgical supplies ' great job and money. Thank you and I will recommend you to anyone interested in this field! This was the only site I used for medical sales that was beneficial."

-Jonathan L., member>
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"While the eventual job did not come from a lead generated by MedReps, many interviews and opportunities did come from MedReps and I valued the service.'

-Martin B., member

"I have been on other career sites and this one is very unique. What makes it different is that MedReps seems like they care about your career. They hold webinars on different topics on how to sell and how to increase your income. This is a wonderful website to seek a great sales opportunity. They focus on careers with respectable companies. I have a lot of friends who found jobs through this great site."

-Jyoti B., member

"With strong B2B experience but no previous medical device, pharma or biotech experience, I was able to complete my job search within 30 days. I interviewed with 4 or 5 companies and got a great med device job. Strong interviewing skills and a business plan from previous experience certainly helped, but I needed to find the right jobs to apply for. I constantly refer friends and former coworkers to the site!"

-Robert H., member

"Thank you,! Your sales webinars are fantastic for getting out of a rut and learning new tips and techniques to use in the field and in interviews. The facilitator did a great job keeping the webinar on track and we learned a lot in one hour. Thanks again for providing tools for our sales toolbox!"

-Lora J., member

" is the best online resource for device sales, disposables, equipment, and pharmaceuticals sales positions. Not only is it easy to navigate, but it divides jobs by all categories imaginable. They even provide me with the latest news articles, webinars, and insights into the industry."

-Lauren P., member

"MedReps was instrumental in allowing me to break into the medical industry. MedReps is the only job search site that has quality positions with reputable companies. I would recommend anyone looking for an opportunity in medical sales to sign up for, it is definitely the best site out there!"

-Jeff S., member

"I was new to when I purchased a 3-month membership. Your site definitely has the best quality postings with best response rates I've seen. I was able to land a fantastic job thru in 2 ' months, and the recruiter who contacted me about this position, Cheryl Merlino, was absolutely fantastic through the whole process. Best recruiter I've ever worked with. I start on March 5th at Noven Pharmaceuticals as a Senior District Manager. Great site!"

-Jessica S., member

"I would recommend MedReps to a friend without hesitation. I spent probably 90% of my job searching time on the site and received about a 10% hit rate on my applications. In today's market I think that's outstanding 'it's much more of a response than I got on other websites. It's not a complex site, but that's kind of the beauty of it."

-Matthew F., member