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Recruiters fill job orders faster with higher quality candidates.

Medical sales recruiting isn’t an easy job. With the unemployment rate still as high as it is, medical sales recruiters like you are likely to be bombarded with resumes and emails from job seekers, many of whom are not qualified. Now more than ever, you need a niche job board with a reputation for delivering quality pharmaceutical and medical sales reps (See profile below). You need

You’re probably here because someone you trust in the industry told you about We’ve been connecting medical sales recruiters with experienced medical sales reps since the year 2000, thus becoming a standard in the medical sales recruiting toolbox. This longstanding reputation is one reason the industry’s best professionals keep coming back to the site.

How do medical sales recruiters know they’ll find better candidates on

  • 89% of all members have industry experience.
  • 64% are currently employed.
  • 42% are employed (or recently employed) in med device.
  • 26% are employed (or recently employed) in pharma.
  • 9% are employed (or recently employed) in medical equipment.
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  • Attract the Right Applicants – Leverage our expertise in search engine optimization, targeted advertising, and social media to drive not just a high volume of traffic to your job posting, but a high volume of the right traffic.
  • Identify Quality Candidates Faster – Our candidates pay a nominal membership fee which means you get more serious applicants.
  • Impress Your Clients by Presenting Passive Candidates - Approximately half of our candidate members are employed in the industry and 89% have industry experience.

"I just posted 5 positions on your site. My compliments to your web developer, that was one of the most user friendly sites I’ve ever used to post jobs!"

Eileen L Smith
Human Resources Manager
ACell, Inc.

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