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Pharmaceutical sales companies have had their share of struggles in recent years and their struggles directly affect pharmaceutical sales representatives. Mobile technology, healthcare reform and global economic issues have left pharmaceutical sales recruiters in a tight spot. However, analysts believe there is a bright future for those looking for pharmaceutical sales jobs, and the number of jobs currently listed on would support that idea. What you might not expect is the source of the projected lift . . . our parents.

A Look at Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs

Like most things, pharmaceutical sales reps are subject to the needs of the population. If there isn't a growing or continuing demand for the drugs being created, there's no need for recruiters to court pharma sales reps. That's where our parents and grandparents become a vital variable in the formula. The population of Americans ages 65 and up is expected to nearly double in the next decade. Some estimates suggest 70 million people will reach 65 and over by 2030. That's a a rather large demographic who would help pharma sales jobs continue the upward momentum through increased demand. Just look at the FDA's "Spotlight on Drug Innovation" to see the massive volume of pharmaceuticals approved in 2011. From high blood pressure to serious heart conditions, pharmaceutical sales recruiters will tell you that the 65 and up crowd makes up the majority of of the FDA's consumers.

We should all be so lucky to live well into our twilight years. Fortunately, we live in a time where pharmaceutical research and development does a good job of keeping pace with the needs of our elders. To put it simply, pharmaceutical companies help provide longevity.

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