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The Value of a MedReps Membership

Apply to the medical sales industry’s most sought-after jobs with the confidence of a MedReps member. Members have reason to feel confident – 89% have industry experience and 64% are already employed. Job posters expect to receive solid resumes from MedReps members, so they’re more likely to prioritize those applications.

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$29.95 - 3 Month Membership

$52.95 - 6 Month Membership
Best Deal: Less than $9 per month

$19.95 + $8.49 monthly - Annual Membership

Quickly view the most relevant medical sales job search results.

Save time by searching jobs using industry-specific filters. With a few clicks, you can view medical device sales management jobs in the surgical market. Try doing that on a general job board or aggregator.

More quality industry jobs than any other medical sales job site.

We track job counts on industry job boards, and MedReps consistently has more jobs than all of them combined. In fact, we've seen a consistent lift in the number of healthcare sales jobs on the site, with a recent high of 12,200 jobs.

Membership model preserves quality of both candidates and jobs.

Employers and recruiters trust our fee-based membership model to deliver more qualified applicants. The consistent quality explains why so many big-name companies have been posting jobs with us for more than a decade.

Learn more about MedReps by reading employer and candidate testimonials on the MedReps Reviews page.

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