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Why Winter is the Best Time of Year for a Medical Sales Job Hunt

As with everything, sales recruiting cycles have peaks and valleys, according to an article published by Monster and a similar post appearing on Career Sidekick. In both articles, advisors and recruiters agree that the months of January and February are the ideal season for job hunting.

Here’s why winter is the best time of the year for a job hunt:

People are ready to hit the ground running post-vacation 

When it comes to making hiring choices and decisions on which candidates should make the cut for phone screens, video interviews, and one-on-one interviews, it’s common for hiring pros to seek out the opinions of medical sales reps out in the field.

This proves challenging in December. So many people take time off or focus heavily on wrapping up loose ends before checking out for the holidays.

Come February, however, everyone is back in the swing of things, making it the best time to search for a medical sales job. It’s also the ideal time to network and gain approval from the greatest number of decision-makers.

Companies have the plans and money to make it happen 

January and February are when most companies receive annual or quarterly budgets and forecasts. While most sales managers had their 2019 goals planned before the new year arrived, winter is when they have access to funds to make things happen.

This means that any hiring plans delayed from quarter four of the previous year are now un-paused, and they are ready to interview and hire sales reps to make their plans for growth a reality.

Ready . . . Set . . . Go! 

1. Create a plan

Spend time forging a plan that helps you identify which roles you want to pursue. Are you considering a promotion? A lateral move to a new company? A jump into a new medical device or disease state?  

Whatever it is, identify it now so you can launch a targeted job hunt. Narrow the search by taking advantage of niche job boards to see who is hiring.

2. Prime your network

Identify who is currently in your network and who should be that isn’t. Your online Rolodex should include people you know, people who know the people you know, and medical sales recruiters. Tap into LinkedIn to identify these people and reach out.

3. Prepare your career marketing collateral 

Make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile are current in both content and format. In short, they must be easy to skim in print and online.

Your best bet to rise to the top of recruiters’ medical sales searches is with a LinkedIn profile that has these completed sections:

  • Professional headshot
  • Keyword-rich headline
  • A compelling summary explaining why you’re an ideal fit for targeted roles
  • Experience containing noteworthy achievements.

4. Clean up your social media

According to a study by Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc, 80 percent of recruiters will vet your social media at some point in the hiring process. This means it’s essential that you have a professional social media presence.

Worried that your tweets or posts might rub a few people the wrong way or might negatively impact your job hunt? Be sure to make those sites private or remove the posts.

Work timing to your advantage

Your documents are ready to go, you know where you’d like to go, and your network is ready to help you get there.

The case for why winter is the best time of year to hunt for a medical sales role speaks for itself. While timing isn’t always everything, it certainly can help when it comes to a successful job search!

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– By Virginia Franco, NCRW, CPRW

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