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Why Medical Sales Reps Love These Companies — Even Though They Don’t Work There

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This year, our Best Places to Work report named CONMED, Teleflex, and Medtronic as the overall top three medical sales company winners. However, they weren’t the only ones that impressed us with their attention-grabbing cultures and products. In fact, Accuvein, Avion, Genomind, and Johnson and Johnson all have one thing in common — they were the top choices for medical sales reps who didn’t vote for their own employers.

Today’s job market is packed full of passive candidates, so we were intrigued when sales employees voted outside of their current companies. We decided to do a little more digging to better understand how these four companies swayed employees’ votes. Their responses were right in line with the top two overall reasons respondents voted for a specific company, which were a “positive corporate culture” and “strong products.”

As talent becomes harder to attract and obtain, it’s time for recruiters to take a note from Accuvein, Avion, Genomind, and Johnson and Johnson. Their ability to effectively brand themselves as having positive corporate cultures and strong products is exactly what medical sales recruiters need to do to stay high in the running for high-quality passive medical sales talent.

Here’s how you can position a company’s brand to highlight both their culture and products to attract top sales candidates:

Present Your Positive Corporate Culture

1. Give an inside glimpse of the working environment

Often times, recruiters focus on employees’ passions, the company’s mission statement, and perks and benefits when promoting a positive corporate culture. While important when attracting candidates, cultural fit goes far beyond these factors.

Medical sales candidates need to visualize how they’ll thrive in the working environment. When they walk through the doors every day, are they greeted with a family-like atmosphere or do most employees walk in and get straight to work? Is it typically quiet in the office? Are your employees energized by time spent alone in offices or in communal spaces?

To some, these may seem like trivial questions that come after a candidate is brought in for an interview. But using virtual tours or giving employees selfie-sticks to show potential candidates their favorite spot in the office will help talent see how they’d fit in as part of your team.

2. Show the differences sales reps are making

Corporations are frequently painted in a money-driven, negative light — especially in a lucrative field like medical sales. This means recruiters need to spend time convincing medical sales reps that the overall corporate culture stems from meaningful work.

Show candidates that your sales reps aren’t just a means to bring in customer orders. Create a social media page designated for medical sales reps’ stories. Ask your current sales team members to share inspirational stories and pictures, when appropriate, about how they’re changing customers’ and patients’ lives.

Take it a step further by encouraging company leaders to stay up-to-date on this page. Ask them to like and comment, sharing their pride for the positive impact their sales team has on the world. With this step, candidates will connect the dots between a culture filled with meaningful work and a culture where company leaders encourage their staff.

Put Your Products On Display

1. Show where your products stand statistically

It’s no secret that medical sales reps are numbers people. They understand the value of analytics and recruiters need to use this to their advantage. Reformat various marketing materials to present products to job seekers.

Detail how selling a product that is changing the lives of thousands or even millions of people will take their career to the next level. Then, show how the technology or chemistry behind your product will be relevant for years to come. Add in your top sellers’ numbers to drive the point home that your products are top contenders in the market.

2. Stress the future of your products

No matter how excellent a company’s products are now, the medical sales world is constantly changing. Today’s technology could be on its way out when the next big life-altering product hits the market.

Because of this, top sales candidates are hyper-critical of their next career moves. They won’t leave their current companies, where they likely feel comfortable and safe, for just any opportunity that presents itself.

Lay out your product development plans for, at least, the next five years for candidates. Along with the technical plans, attach the goal and meaning behind each product. For example, your customers are happy with how a current product controls a specific disease for patients.

However, it’s heavy or the battery life is short and keeps them from making plans that last longer than 4 hours. As a result, your team is working on improving the product beyond anything on the market to help patients live a happier and freer life.

Whatever your plans are for the future and the reasons behind them, keep your talent pool in the loop. The more passion-driven and futuristic decisions they see your company making, the more enticed they’ll be to jump ship and start selling products on a positive team.

How do you show a company has a positive corporate culture and strong products? Let us know!