Why Medical Sales Recruiters Should Embrace Job Hoppers


Xavier is a proud graduate of the class of 2014. Since then, he’s had five medical sales jobs. Though he’s excelled at each of those posts, many recruiters are still hesitant to place him out of fear that his job hopping tendency could have negative effects on their own jobs.

For younger workers, job hopping has become the norm. These professionals have a tendency of switching jobs after short periods of time — sometimes less than one year.

In fact, the 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey found 66 percent of younger workers reported they expect to leave their current job within the next six months. While that percentage may seem alarming, it’s the current trend for the newest generation of workers.

For recruiters, embracing this trend can actually help you place strong candidates in medical sales jobs. There are great benefits to placing a candidate like Xavier. Here are just a few reasons medical sales job hoppers make strong candidates:

1) Job hoppers bring varied skills and experience

Job hoppers are focused on high performance. They know a positive sales record strengthens their personal brand.

Each new medical sales job Xavier held in his brief employment tenure has helped him gain new skills and experience. Work in different industries also lends unique skills to a new position.

In addition, the very act of job hopping requires character traits such as:

  • boldness and ambition
  • confidence and passion
  • drive and self-motivation
  • goal-setting and discipline  

These are the qualities that help candidates succeed in medical sales. Furthermore, job hoppers are less likely to become “burned out,” since they are in a constant state of new experience.

2) Job hoppers are used to transition

Due to their state of constant job search, job hoppers are pros at the interview process, onboarding, and hitting the ground running. This means they’ll be more receptive to changing hiring practices than a candidate who hasn’t interviewed in a while.

In addition, job hoppers keep their resumes up-to-date, and they’re on top of industry trends. They learn fast, and quickly forge new professional contacts. They’ll have no problem learning new products and concepts.

Additionally, these workers are aware of medical sales jobs salary trends, and are willing and able to negotiate a fair salary, instead of setting unrealistic expectations about their worth.

3) Job hoppers know the competition

While Xavier won’t be sharing any trade secrets, he brings valuable insight into competitor operations. That includes selling strategies, client outreach, new products, and more.

Job hoppers are keen to how other operations conduct business. That knowledge will not only advance their own careers, but will also provide new perspectives to the companies they work for.

In addition, if the job hopper has built a strong network, there’s an opportunity to bring new clients to the employer.  

Now’s the time to set aside the stigma attached to job hoppers. Understanding the unique and beneficial traits they bring to medical sales will only help you place consistently strong candidates. These workers offer unique skills and experience and valuable knowledge about the competition.

Would you take a chance on a job hopper? Let us know in the comments!