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What Medical Sales Rep Category Do You Fall Under? Take This Quiz to Find Out!

Every medical sales rep is unique. They have their own specific selling style, build customer relationships differently, and have varying perceptions of a successful sales day.

In spite of these nuances, one thing remains constant for successful medical sales reps — they know there’s always something to improve upon. Those who excel during stressful negotiations may struggle in relationship building. On the contrary, those with solid customer connections may not have the hardest-hitting close.

To help you better understand your personal selling style, we’ve set up a get-to-know-yourself quiz.

Which medical sales rep category do you fall under? Are you the hard-hitting bottom-liner? Maybe you’re the passionate product-pusher — no matter the product. You could even be the cool, calm, and collected relationship-building, matchmaking guru.

What are you waiting for? Take the medical sales rep quiz and find out:

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