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8 Ways Medical Sales Reps Can Prepare for a Season of Uncertainty

Just when medical sales reps started to get back to business with in-person sales calls, the pandemic threatens to shut doors on many reps again. With global medical experts predicting another surge of COVID-19 and the US entering into flu season, we face another season of uncertainty. 

Despite the unknowns, sales reps have learned a lot this year to apply to their work. We asked industry experts to share the top changes they made to their sales strategies in 2020, and what shifts they plan to apply for future sales success. 

It’s time to pull from your recent experiences to build a plan for the future. Check out this advice to hit the ground running, even if sales must be made ‘out of the field’ in the coming months:

Attend virtual events

Trevor Rappleye

“I started sponsoring virtual events, and asking to host roundtables. Most of the time, they will let sponsors do it! I easily get 10+ leads after each event. I have gotten more warm leads from sponsoring virtual events in the past 30 days than I had all year. I am going to go to at least 6 in 2021, sponsor, get a booth and speak at round tables. I am going to cancel all other lead generation tactics.”

Trevor Rappleye, CEO & Storyteller at 

Believe in your product

“I believe the biggest lesson learned during the recession is to genuinely believe that everything you are selling is helping someone in some way or form. Confidence helps sell, and if you’re not confident in what you’re selling, it will come across on the phone and in the tone of your messages. The only way customers can purchase your product is if they think it will benefit them, especially during the time of the recession.”

Shayne Sherman, Tech Expert, and CEO of Techloris

Adapt to customers’ needs

Reuben Yonatan

“Before, we concentrated on how to help customers use our platform. It is now about what our platform can do to help our customers navigate tough pandemic times. No matter how excellent the sales strategy you formulated at the beginning of the year might be, circumstances might render it ineffective. Be willing to re-evaluate and adjust accordingly to ensure success.”

Reuben Yonatan, Founder & CEO of GetVoIP 

Practice virtual sales presentations

David Cusick

“No one is quite used to the sudden shift to virtual meetings—particularly salespeople who are more accustomed to being on the road or meeting clients directly. Be ready to present at a moment’s notice. Don’t just show presentations and send documents—have video, photos, and gifs that can show off your product or service in a more engaging way. Use whatever tools you have to improve the process. Virtual meetings are only a limitation in sales when you go in with that mindset.”

David Cusick, Chief Strategy Officer at House Method

Personalize the virtual sales pitch

Paige Arnoff Fenn

“Pivoting to remote selling is no longer a luxury or a nice to have. I have both presented and been presented to, successfully, virtually via video, online, and phone. With social distancing, video presentations are a popular reality now and should be treated just as important as face to face meetings. The goal is still to connect and try to make the experience as personal and intimate as possible.”

Paige Arnof-Fenn, Founder & CEO at Mavens & Moguls

Invest in customer loyalty

MMichael Hammelburger

“Even during the lockdown, many marketers, for example, have continued building relationships with their members by constantly communicating with them through SMS alerts, apps, newsletters, and website posts. They continued to inspire customer loyalty through proactive communication and consistently taking advantage of social listening tools to identify what their clients are talking about on their channels. Transforming and sustaining your customers into super-fans does take some work and time. The payoff, however, is worth it.”

Michael Hammelburger, CEO @ Cost Reduction Consultants

Strengthen customer relationships

“The most valuable lesson we’ve learned from this is the importance of making customers feel that as a business, we know and understand what they are going through. As we process and adapt to this new normal together, we saw this as an opportunity to further build on our relationship with our customers and make sure that they are part of our team as we journey towards a post-coronavirus world.”

Bradley Keys, Marketing Director at PatchMD 

Lean on social media

Bradley Keys

“We amplified our visibility on social media, considering that it is our main line of communication with our customers during this time. The biggest change we’ve made is making sure that we emphasized empathy in our marketing messages, as well as creating alternative ways to make our customer’s buying experience convenient for

them while taking the necessary safety measures.”

Bradley Keys, Marketing Director at PatchMD