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How to Use Twitter to Advance Your Medical Sales Career

Every industry is buzzing about online social networking. Once used primarily as a way for friends to interact online, the most talked about social networking site, Twitter, allows users to actively engage with people they may never meet outside of cyberspace. You may be skeptical about how this social phenomenon relates to your medical sales career, but Twitter can be a useful tool for professionals and job seekers in any industry, allowing them to seek advice and interact with recruiters and other industry professionals that they wouldn’t meet otherwise.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a self described “real-time short messaging system that works over multiple networks and devices.” It’s been called a micro-blogging platform – micro in that each “tweet” (message) can be no more than 140 characters (including spaces). The prompt question for tweets is “What’s happening?” but the content of a tweet can go beyond a mere status update. A tweet might include a link to an interesting website or article, it could ask a question to elicit feedback, or it might announce breaking news to your followers.

Who will you follow?
Twitter encourages members to reach out to anyone they find interesting, be they politicians, journalists, celebrities, or even representatives from companies they want to hear from such as Ford, Comcast, or JetBlue. But Twitter isn’t just connecting members of the public with high-profile individuals and brands; it also provides a way for everyday people with common interests to interact. And because it’s not unusual to follow someone you don’t know personally, Twitter provides the perfect forum to expand your professional network and potentially advance your medical sales career.

What’s the point?
To further your medical sales career, you may want to follow others in the healthcare sales industry to stay informed of the latest news and trends. Reading tweets allows you to gauge the industry’s response to breaking news, or you might “tweet” a little news of your own. You can ask questions of your followers and offer your opinions too. Additionally, you may want to follow recruiters or job sites like so you know what employment opportunities are available. You can easily find other medical sales professionals on Twitter using directories such as Twellow or Tweepz.

Twitter is essentially an instant messaging service that allows millions of users to send messages to individuals or groups of followers. Using Twitter to connect
with other medical sales professionals and medical sales recruiters is a surefire way to expand your professional network and ultimately advance your medical sales career. Follow on Twitter!

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