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Top 5 Myths About Posting Jobs Online

LIes about posting jobs onlineFrom the original idea that if you just “post it and they will come,” to the more recent proclamations that “job boards are dead,” there are plenty of mistruths floating around about posting jobs online.  So how do you separate fact from fiction? Look, we’ll be the first to admit that we’re a little biased on the topic, but the following myths are only complicating matters, so let’s set a few things straight…

Myth #1
Job boards are dead.
Proponents of this myth cite everything from Monster’s declining revenue to the old school technology still used to power so many boards. The truth is, however, that the most effective job boards are continually updating themselves to keep up with the latest technology and meet changing demands from both job seekers and job posters. So no, job boards aren’t dead, but they are certainly evolving.

Myth #2
Bigger is better.
The online experience is increasingly personal, and today’s job seekers expect a job board that speaks to their specific needs. Whether the focus is industry, job function, location, or something else, countless studies show job seekers prefer niche sites. And yet, the promise of 10 million candidates and a funny Super Bowl ad fuels the myth that big job boards reign supreme. But one look at the quality of applications garnered on these sites proves that the myth “bigger is better” is a downright lie.

Myth #3
Passive candidates aren’t on job boards.
For many recruiters, the elusive passive candidate represents the ultimate “get,” but there’s a common belief that you won’t find these employed individuals on job boards. However, the statistics prove otherwise. For example, a 2015 survey found approximately 55% of MedReps members are presently employed in the industry. As the average job tenure continues to shrink, employed professionals are more likely to stay plugged into the job market by browsing job boards.  Additionally, many job boards are evolving into career hubs, so more and more professionals, regardless of their job search status, are frequenting job boards to stay informed about their field.

Myth #4
Social recruiting has eliminated the need for job boards.
There’s no doubt that LinkedIn has rocked the world of recruiting. It’s excellent for keeping in touch with candidates and researching applicants. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks have recruiting potential too. But the best social recruiting strategies work in tandem with other recruiting channels, including job boards. While posting on Twitter or LinkedIn is one method of letting the world know about the position, when you post on a job board, especially one that is specific to your industry, you have a greater likelihood of reaching an experienced candidate, familiar with your industry, who is actually interested in changing jobs.

Myth #5
Candidates don’t use job boards anymore.
Candidates, both active or passive in nature, continue to be loyal to job boards.  For example, on, 28% of the candidates have been members on and off for years.  The reason they cite for maintaining the membership is twofold.  One, they feel that the best jobs are listed on the site and two, the relevance of the jobs, in general, matches their career aspirations, while general job boards can be too flooded with irrelevant positions. As job seekers become increasingly savvy, the type of job boards they frequent has indeed shifted, but to say they aren’t using job boards just isn’t true.

Bottom line – leveraging the right job board is still a surefire way to connect with candidates who have the experience you are looking for. You know that when posting on a niche job board, you are putting your position in front of experienced, highly motivated, industry candidates.  There’s never been a time when recruiters have had so many options available to them, but don’t let these common myths about posting jobs online distract you from the fact that job boards are still a critical piece of the recruiting puzzle.

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