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4 Steps to Improve Virtual Recruitment for More Diverse Hiring

Does virtual recruitment impact diverse hiring? Job seekers have mixed feelings.

Most candidates believe the virtual recruitment process should either have no impact on diversity or, in fact, increase diversity, but feelings differ from generation to generation. 

One in three Gen Xers says virtual recruitment will increase diversity and inclusion, according to our recent survey. Nearly one in five Baby Boomers, on the other hand, believe it will decrease diversity and inclusion. And more than 60% of Millennials largely believe virtual recruitment will not impact diversity at all. 

No matter where job seekers stand, there are proven ways you can improve your diversity through virtual recruitment. Follow these guidelines to surpass the expectations of job seekers when it comes to diverse hiring:

Review your job posting and application

One of the first steps to take to improve diverse hiring is to reevaluate your job requirements. According to a 2019 study by LinkedIn, women are 16% less likely than men to apply to a job after viewing it, but women are 16% more likely than men to get hired after applying to a job. 

The most likely cause of this gap is unconscious bias within your job posting. Evaluate the experiences you list and the language you use to ensure they do not exclude job seekers based on gender, race, or ability.

In addition to the language in your posting, make sure your requirements are actually, well, required. Hiring managers often include too many nice-to-have skills, which might cause quality candidates not to apply. Scale down your must-haves to what the role cannot exist without, and consider candidates with more transferable skills to expand your net.

In addition to the language in your posting, make sure your application is accessible. According to the Partnership on Employment & Accessible Technology (PEAT), 46% of job seekers with disabilities said their last attempt to apply for a job online was “difficult to impossible.” Of those, 9% were unable to finish. Don’t lose talented candidates because of challenges with your application.

Market your employer brand

Another area that impacts diverse hiring is your employer branding efforts. Everything from your career website to your social media to your recruitment advertisements can affect the number of diverse candidates you attract.

Sometimes, companies will miss out on diverse talent because job seekers simply don’t know to look for you. For example, the PGA of America recently gathered direct feedback on perceptions of the golf industry, including career opportunities within it. 

Those surveyed shared that lack of awareness and access to contacts in the industry were the top two obstacles to why they have not applied for jobs in the golf industry. Once PGA explicitly stated that they wanted to recruit professionals from various backgrounds, the likelihood of applying increased from 46% to 64%. 

Use recruitment marketing to make sure job seekers know you are looking for diverse candidates. This message should exist on your website, your social media, and more. You can even invest in recruitment ads that target job seekers in other industries who might not have thought to apply to your company.

Connect with external organizations

Take your awareness efforts a step further by actively networking with diverse organizations. One in four respondents to the PGA study cited a lack of industry contacts as a reason they didn’t consider applying to the company. You have the power to be a contact for someone who may not have a connection in the medical sales industry.

Be it a student at a virtual career fair or a talent professional in a sales group on LinkedIn, the connections you make with those individuals are incredibly valuable. Take advantage of virtual tools to expand your network into areas you haven’t reached where you hope to find talented job seekers. 

Then, whenever you have jobs open up, share the posting in each of these news spaces to ensure job seekers in your new network will feel comfortable applying. Just be sure to explain that applicants don’t need to have medical sales backgrounds to be qualified. This way, job seekers with transferable skills will feel encouraged to apply too.

Diversify your interview panel

Once you get candidates to apply, you need to show them that they belong to your organization. According to Working Mother Media’s 2020 report on best diversity practices, only 43% of the companies they evaluated require a diverse panel of interviews. But of their top companies for inclusion, 71% require diverse panels.

The most visible way you can prove to candidates that they will fit in your company is for every interview to include a diverse panelist group. Virtual recruitment makes this more possible than ever since you don’t all have to be in the same place to participate on a panel.

As diversity increases in your organization, make sure your new hires are part of the hiring process for future employees.  

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