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3 Time Management Lessons for Medical Sales Recruiters from Successful CEOs


Everybody wishes there were more hours in the day. But time management can be particularly difficult for medical sales recruiters.

You need to find a way to balance managing candidates, filling the organization’s needs, and having a personal life. Understandably, this leaves many medical sales recruiters feeling overwhelmed.

Luckily, there’s another role you can learn from that requires accomplishing a lot in a seemingly-impossible timeline: CEOs. Looking to reveal how leadership allocates their time, Harvard Business Review published a study that shows how CEOs spend almost 60,000 hours.

By understanding what similarities helped these leaders succeed, medical sales recruiters can improve their time management skills. Here are three tips for getting more done in less time:

1. Paint your calendar with personal time

It’s easy for your work schedule to get out of hand. There’s always a fire to put out or something else that needs to be done. In fact, the Harvard Business Review survey found that, on average, CEOs spend only six hours a day when they are awake but not working.

It’s what they do with that time that really matters. Respondents reported spending approximately half of that time with family, 45 minutes was spent exercising, and about two hours was allocated for personal downtime. Scheduling in this personal time helps keep CEOs healthy and sane.

Schedule your non-work hours so you have time for work-life balance. And stick to these activities just as if they were scheduled meetings with clients. This will help you get into healthy habits to ensure you’re nurturing yourself and your relationships outside the office.

2. Schedule time for emails

Inboxes can easily turn into a black hole that swallows all of your time. One of the CEOs in the study spent 55 percent of his unscheduled time emailing. This task also gets out of hand when recruiting. You give your phone a quick check to see if a candidate has responded, and the next thing you know, you’ve been emailing for hours.

Avoid falling into this trap by scheduling set times to check your inbox. Whether it’s broken up into 15-minute blocks throughout the day or you knock out an hour every morning, stick to your time limits.

Also, be sure to let others, especially candidates who are waiting eagerly to hear about a job, know when you typically answer emails. That way they won’t be crowding your inbox with follow-up emails wondering if you saw their message yet.

3. Don’t live behind your computer

In many ways, technology makes our lives easier. It allows you to quickly move through tasks and consolidates most of the information you need into one source. But if you’re constantly working from your computer, you’re neglecting important work relationships.

It’s important for CEOs to interact with real people. In fact, CEOs in the Harvard Business Review study reported spending 61 percent of their work time meeting with people face-to-face. It gives them a better sense of what’s really going on in their organization.

The same thing is true for you, as a recruiter. For example, earning candidates’ trust is a huge part of getting them to accept a job offer. It’s a lot easier for them to believe you have their best interests at heart if you’ve taken the time to meet them in person.

Depending on how many roles you have to fill, it might not be possible to meet them all one-on-one. But you can schedule networking events with your candidates. This gives you the chance to build on your relationships and for them to meet valuable professional connections.

Properly managing your time is hard work. It requires discipline and the ability to prioritize your tasks. But by making conscious decisions to set a more productive schedule, you’ll find you can be a better and more balanced medical sales recruiter in no time.

What are some time management skills you’ve learned from CEOs? Share in the comments!