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This Is Why Millennials Are The Perfect Medical Sales Reps

Unsplash; Pexels
Unsplash; Pexels

Millennials have hit the workplace full force, and companies with too many restraints are feeling the effects of their job hopping ways. This generation refuses to let a job tie them down to one place. In fact, a September Flexjobs’ 5th Annual Super survey of 3,000 respondents found, aside from general necessity, a millennial’s sole purpose for working is so they can travel.  

Many millennial characteristics make them a perfect fit for the medical sales culture, but companies remain hesitant to hire a generation known for quickly moving from one job to the next. However, throwing away bias and understanding the inner workings of millennials just might land medical sales companies some of their most successful employees.

Here’s why it’s time to start bringing millennial candidates in for interviews:

Flexibility is their top concern.

Having the option to travel while they work isn’t the only flexibility-related benefit millennials desire. An overwhelming 82 percent ranked work-life balance as the most important factor when evaluating a job prospect, according to the previously mentioned Flexjobs survey. Most millennials get their bad job hopping reputation from organizations that don’t offer a flexible working environment. In reality, 82 percent said they would be more loyal to a company if they offered flexible work options.

Millennials say workplace flexibility helps them perform at their best. While medical sales is a demanding job, there’s opportunity for travel and creating your own schedule based on clients’ schedules. Having this amount of control over their own time will have millennials dropping their job hopping ways.

Salary is motivation.

While flexibility is crucial for millennial employees, money is still a top contributor when choosing whether or not to accept a job offer. Men, women, parents, and non-parents are in unanimous agreement: salary is the most influential factor when choosing to work for an organization, according to the 2016 Deloitte Millennial Survey.

Combine millennials’ dreams of traveling with having a higher salary, and you have a talent pool built for the unique demands of the medical sales industry. Our 2016 Medical Sales Salary Report found the more medical sales professionals travel, the more they earn. With their hard work directly affecting their salary, millennials will be able to combine the momentum of their travels to propel their productivity forward.

They crave independence.

Many millennials have headed down the entrepreneurial path, but this dream isn’t for everyone. However, even if running their own business isn’t an option, millennials want the independence to lead, innovate, and take charge of their careers.

Thanks to the frequent traveling and ability to manage their own territories, med reps have the entrepreneurial spirit millennials embody. In fact, they may fit in better than organizations think. According to our 2016 Med Rep Job Satisfaction Study, medical sales professionals have already created a culture based on their love for autonomy and flexibility.

The medical sales profession is a way of life and many successful reps have unteachable skills, passion, and a deep need for success. Many millennials already are ready to use these skills, but are struggling to find the right profession where they can put them to use. For those who have already found their way into medical sales, they’re already crushing it.  

Do you think millennials have what it takes to be in medical sales? Why or why not? Let us know in the comments below!