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Thinking of Relocating? Here Are The Cities With The Most Available Medical Sales Jobs

Whether you’re a seasoned medical sales rep or a young rep looking to get your foot in the door and break into the medical sales field, one thing is for certain: you’ve got to go where the jobs are.  Moving to a location with plenty of employment opportunities obviously increases your chance to find a job, and veteran job seekers will tell you that you have to go out and find the jobs; they’re not going to come to you.


That being said, if you’re ready to relocate, where should you go?  For starters, you should always go by the numbers.  The numbers, in this case, are available medical sales jobs on MedReps – that means jobs placed in the “sales” category, regardless of product. Here are the 12 cities with the most medical sales jobs available, according to MedReps:

1) Houston (210 jobs).  With 210 available jobs, this southern Texas town has solidified itself among the country’s top cities for medical sales jobs.  Houston’s medical sales jobs are plentiful and the good news is that if you don’t find something you like, there’s always Dallas just a few hours up the road, which lands at number five on our list.

2) Chicago (202 jobs).  This Midwestern hub is known for having a lot of wind and a lot of medical sales jobs.  Medical sales jobs in Chicago are certainly numerous, with well over 200 jobs available (202 to be exact) at last count.

3) New York City (191 jobs).  The Big Apple certainly lives up to its name with big numbers of jobs.  The city with the largest population in the United States always seems to have a large number of medical sales jobs.  New York City medical sales jobs are popular and highly sought-after.

4) Los Angeles (177 jobs).  Swimming pools and movie stars.  Maybe that’s what has attracted so many people to the City of Angels.  Or, maybe it’s the weather.  Either way, with all of those people and the need for medical care, there seems to be plenty of available medical sales jobs in Los Angeles.

5) Dallas (168 jobs).  The Big D has recently cemented itself as one of the best cities to find a job and live, as referenced in MedReps’ article, Best Cities For Medical Sales Jobs.  With a high number of available jobs, Dallas medical sales jobs offer sales reps excellent compensation and an unsurpassed quality of life.

6) Minneapolis (163 jobs).  The Minneapolis – St. Paul area has harbored excellent medical development and sales growth in recent years.  This northern region isn’t only a great place to find a job, it’s a great place to live as well.  Find a Minneapolis medical sales job and enjoy a nice mix of city life surrounded by natural beauty.

7) Atlanta (159 jobs).  Atlanta represents the south quite well with a large number of medical sales jobs.  Similar in job availability to cities like Minneapolis, finding a medical sales job in Atlanta can be a good move both professionally and financially.

8) Seattle (143 jobs).  It’s not because of the coffee, or is it?  Of course not.  The extreme Pacific Northwest has been calling people, medical sales reps included, for years now.  And for good reason: with 143 jobs available, landing a medical sales job in Seattle might be easier than you think.

9) Detroit (142 jobs).  It’s a bit surprising to realize that the motor city boasts a high number of medical sales jobs.  But it does, and finding Detroit medical sales jobs is easy with the help of MedReps’ job search database.

10) Baltimore (139 jobs).  With its close proximity to the nation’s capital, Baltimore is a bustling blend of life in a busy metropolis and great historic charm.  With the 139 available medical sales jobs in Baltimore, relocating there is a great way to advance your professional career.

11) Boston (139 jobs).  Beantown’s booming medical and pharmaceutical sector has created a surge in medical sales jobs.  Although relatively small in geographic stature, Boston’s medical sales jobs are voluminous.

12) Phoenix (110 jobs).  This desert oasis has grown exponentially in recent years, and so have the medical sales opportunities.  According to the Best Cities For Medical Sales Jobs article, medical sales salaries in Phoenix are the highest in the nation.  Because of that and the fact that there’s plenty of warm sunshine year-round, it’s no wonder why medical sales jobs in Phoenix have become such prized professions.

Relocating certainly requires a lot of thought and preparation and every sales rep should evaluate the pros and cons of living and working in a new city.  One thing is for sure though: you must remain proactive in your job search.  While landing the job of your dreams might be difficult, finding where they are is an easy first step and can help get the ball rolling as you move forward with your medical sales job career.