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Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. Case Study

The Takeaway

  • Teva has hired six new employees since they started using in October 2014.
  • Teva is very satisfied with the quality and performance of these new hires they have found using
  • Since using, Teva estimates that they have saved thousands of dollars.

“Since using, we are getting more applicants that are better qualified for our open positions.”                                                                    Candice Richards                                                                  Manager, Talent Acquisition

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Quick Overview

Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, an international pharmaceutical company, began using to find qualified sales representatives in October 2014. Since using, the company has saved both time and money during the hiring process.

The Basics

Teva Pharmaceutical is an international pharmaceutical company based in Israel that develops and produces generic and specialty drugs for patients around the world. With a portfolio of more than 1,000 molecules, the company produces about 64 billion tablets and capsules each year from 66 manufacturing facilities. Each year, Teva hires 150 new employees to keep pace with the growing demand for its products.

“ was highly recommended by another recruiter, so we decided to try the tool for ourselves.”

The Challenge

To represent Teva’s broad product line, the company needs highly knowledgeable talent with experience in the industry. Using internal job boards and general external job board platforms such as LinkedIn didn’t bring in the high-quality talent Teva was looking for, and the hiring process became a frustrating challenge.

Using these platforms alone, Teva found a lot of candidates who didn’t meet its qualifications.

How Helped

  • Top Talent: With’s strong reputation for connecting the best candidates with the employers who need specialized talent, Teva felt confident in finding the right employees from the select talent pool. Only a few months after using the platform, the company hired six new sales representatives, and is very satisfied with their performance.

“The quality of candidates on is definitely better. A majority of our managers are familiar with so they are more confident in candidate slates knowing that the job has been posted on”

  • Reduced Costs: Posting pharmaceutical sales jobs on helps Teva to fill open positions with qualified talent more effectively, eliminating the need to spend money on multiple recruiting resources. With an exclusive crop of talent, Teva saves time and money when selecting new hires.

“We’ve saved thousands [of dollars] since we don’t have to use [recruiting] agencies as often.”

The Process

Teva uses to post pharmaceutical sales openings to a more selective pool of talent. Here’s how:

  • Teva posts a number of open sales position on

  • Within a few days, hiring managers from Teva review the applicants, and selects the most qualified professionals to contact.

  • With more qualified candidates to choose from, Teva easily selects the right applicant for the position.

The Results

Teva finds highly-qualified candidates and easily hires new representatives using Over the last few months, the company has saved both time and money hiring top talent with the niche platform.

“With, I think we are able to reach more experienced sales reps. This gives our hiring managers more opportunities to hire the best qualified person.”