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How Tech Giants Like Google Are Changing Healthcare Careers


While tech giants have not traditionally been part of the healthcare industry, they’re branching out because it’s so hot right now.

And this is great news for medical sales pros. It means the creation of a new crop of healthcare careers that work with cutting-edge technology. But if you want to take advantage of this mounting interest in healthcare, you need to understand what’s happening and how these big companies are reshaping healthcare careers.

Here are three big-name companies that have entered into the healthcare space:

1. Google

What they’re doing

In 2015, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services imposed guidelines that penalized healthcare establishments that did not provide patients and their providers with application programming interface (API) access to their electronic health records. As a result, many EHR vendors began using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) to make it easier to comply with these guidelines.

The problem, however, was that since each vendor used different software coding and stored different types of data, it was difficult to achieve interoperability. That’s where Google stepped in.

They’ve been working to create a protocol buffer that adheres to an FHIR standard. In March, they released a version of the software that is compatible with Java and will soon have versions for C++, Go, and Python.

What this means for healthcare careers

For years, one of the biggest issues with healthcare tech was being able to easily and confidentially share data and patient records. Standardizing FHIR helps to eliminate this problem.

EHR vendors that can quickly adopt this new technology which can improve their system in a way that saves customers time and clerical work, giving them a competitive edge in the market.

2. Microsoft

What they’re doing

More digital healthcare data is generated every day — from patients’ genetics to research data to treatment outcomes. However, in order to protect confidentiality, most of that information has been siloed.

But if researchers and product engineers have safe access to this information, they’d quickly be able to achieve more medical breakthroughs.

Microsoft Healthcare is working to improve accessibility by moving healthcare data to a secure cloud. In April, Microsoft Healthcare began moving toward this goal by partnering with St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital and DNAnexus to give researchers access to the genetic information of more than 5,000 cancer patients and survivors.

What this means for healthcare careers

Access to information has traditionally held back healthcare advancements. Each company must build its products, medical devices, and treatments from scratch. They have limited research sample sizes and little guidance.

By using a healthcare cloud, they can not only build on established foundations but also have a better look at the big picture. This means more advancements in a short period of time.

3. Amazon

What they’re doing

At this point, Amazon has not officially announced what they’re planning to do in the healthcare tech industry. But their actions reveal some evidence about what they might be planning.

Their cloud service, AWS, posted a job ad looking for an employee who’d network with key healthcare startup investors. This indicates they’re looking to help transition these companies and their data to AWS.

In the past, Amazon has also challenged health developers to create Alexa apps that help people deal with their medical conditions. If these Alexa features are successful, it creates an entirely new way to bring healthcare into the home.

What this means for healthcare careers

Apps that provide support and bring healthcare management into a patient’s home are an entirely new sector for healthcare tech. This means not only new products and software opportunities, but also the creation of organizations and jobs for those looking to improve their healthcare careers.

What are some other big companies that are changing healthcare careers? Share in the comments.

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