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Inspire Growth in Your Sales Reps with Better Constructive Criticism

Sharing feedback about your sales team’s performance is critical to success. But offering input in the right way — a constructive way — can be challenging.  For sales reps, in particular, constructive criticism helps develop skills, drive performance, and spark growth. However, just one poorly constructed conversation could send employees running to a new company […]

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4 Communication Hacks to Bring Out Sales Team Creativity

January marks International Creativity Month and there’s nobody who requires creativity in so many different areas of their career than a medical sales rep. Your sales team members are tasked with digging in to discover the best way to present a product to various demographics, how to communicate with each customer, and even creative ways […]

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How Micromanaging is Draining the Life from Your Sales Reps

Did you know that work stress can actually shorten a person’s lifespan?  Individuals working in highly-demanding jobs where they also have less control could face a 15% increase in their odds of premature death, according to a 2016 study from Personnel Psychology.  But there is good news! When employees have a higher level of control […]