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On The Job Women in Medical Sales

Top Women in Medical Sales: Thinking Outside of the Ordinary Sales Hustle

Women are outnumbered in medical sales. In fact, in the 2017 Medical Sales Salary Report, 70 percent of the respondents were men. In addition, the report found that women earn just 83 percent of what men do and make up only 30 percent of the respondents. While this picture seems bleak, if you look for […]

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Here’s How to Target Medical Sales Companies During Your Job Search

In hopes of casting a wide net, many pharma and device sales job seekers resist the notion to create a targeted list of companies. While this inclination is natural, I’m a firm believer that by identifying your current company’s unique pain points, you can address them and position yourself as a candidate ideally suited to […]

On The Job Sales Tips

3 Ways to Persevere and Sell Products That Impact Customers Personally

1,735,350 That’s the estimated new cases of cancer that will be diagnosed in the United States, alone, in 2018, according to the National Cancer Institute. Of those, approximately 609,640 people will lose their battle with this disease. With these shockingly-high estimations, there’s no doubt that nearly everyone has been affected by cancer in some form. […]

On The Job Sales Tips

How to Effectively Deal with Skepticism in the Medical Sales Industry

When you’re a medical sales rep, dealing with skepticism is just part of the job. Many doctors are visited by sales reps every day. These reps make claims about why their product is best. The physicians must be able to filter through all the information and help their patients make the best choices for their […]

On The Job Women in Medical Sales

3 Tips For Fighting Gender Bias Throughout Your Medical Sales Career

It’s 2018, and, unfortunately, women are still subjected to biases and obstacles related to their gender. This even happens in the job search. An October 2017 Fairygodboss survey looked at how hiring managers perceive females based on photographs. They focused on weight, demeanor, age, and race — and the findings are startling. For example, 20 […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Before Taking That Entry-Level Medical Sales Job, Consider This

You’ve been in sales for a few years, have found your footing, and are ready for a new and exciting career change. As you journey into entry-level medical sales, you’ll find there is an overwhelming number of possibilities. Mixed in is one major decision you’ll need to make: do you want to work for a […]

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Will Your Online Presence Help or Hurt During a Medical Sales Job Hunt?

Sadly, the days when a killer resume alone will land you that coveted pharma or medical device sales role are long gone. Why? Without “social proof,” (aka an online presence) that reaffirms that you are who you say you are, chances are great that a recruiter or a hiring manager won’t find, vet you, or […]