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You Need to Meet These 3 Medical Sales Jobs Requirements

If you’re looking for common medical sales jobs requirements, it’s safe to assume you have a passion for the job and want to get started on your new career. Medical sales jobs are both exciting and rewarding. Truth be told, though, they are competitive, but that’s to be expected with a job that can pay […]

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Contemplating a New Career? Ask These 3 Questions About Medical Sales College

If 2022 has you contemplating a career change, you wouldn’t be the only one. And with so much focus on the healthcare industry, you may find yourself wondering if and how you might find success in this 3.6 trillion dollar industry. Going to med school likely isn’t an option, but you’ve heard that medical device […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Medical Sales College

Is the Medical Sales College an effective path to a medical sales career? Reviews are mixed, but many students swear by it. The uncertain economic times have many professionals contemplating new careers, and Medical Sales College is an appealing option for some.  You don’t have to look too far to find Medical Sales College success […]

pharmaceutical sales
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5 Pharmaceutical Jobs That Can Lead to Sales Positions

Many professionals seeking new jobs have a common concern, especially when entering a new field: Will I have enough experience to be a strong candidate? If you’re looking to join the world of pharmaceutical sales, luckily enough, there are several jobs that provide relevant experience.  These professions have experience with the drugs, companies, research, and […]

pharmaceutical representative jobs
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8 Pros of Pharmaceutical Representative Jobs

You probably realize there are two schools of thought when it comes to pharmaceutical representative jobs: big pharma is frowned upon or pharmaceutical sales is rewarding. There is no middle ground. That’s because if you want to charge into a promising career like pharmaceutical sales, you have to fully believe in the incredible impact you […]

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Which of your strengths will best help you land healthcare sales jobs?

There’s no denying that it can be uncomfortable to talk about yourself on applications for jobs and during the interview process. Especially when you’re new to the industry and unaware of the full extent of healthcare sales jobs, it’s challenging to know how to market yourself.  A good rule of thumb is to keep it […]

medical sales interview
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Marketing Yourself In and Outside the Medical Sales Interview: Quiet Types

Medical sales interviews aren’t your favorite. You enjoy listening and learning about the job, and you’re confident your skills would lend themselves well to being a great sales rep. However, you’ve never been the most skilled at articulating information about yourself.  You may not be the one to always stand out from the crowd, but […]

pharmaceutical jobs
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Landing Pharmaceutical Jobs Through Job Boards: Why They’re Still Relevant

It’s no secret that new technology is beneficial during the job search process. And as the recruitment world continues to evolve, you may think of job boards as a dated and irrelevant resource. But we’re here to tell you that job boards still have value. In fact, a Jobvite Report shared that 19% of hires […]

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Tried-and-True Remote Job Search Advice from the Experts

There’s nothing new about looking for a job online. And while trends come and go, the digital word is in a constant state of forward movement. You’ve likely been looking for ways to improve your remote job search since long before the global pandemic. However, what you didn’t experience to this great of scale is […]

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Get Past the Bots and Land Interview: ATS-Friendly Resume Tips

Job seekers have always faced application obstacles — that’s nothing new. But today, the use of applicant tracking systems (ATS) poses a machine-learning hurdle for job hunters to add to their list of challenges.  Although AI-driven tools are proving to be beneficial and efficient for the employer hiring process, many job seekers are discouraged by […]