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Professional Networking Tips for Medical Sales Reps

Everyone knows the old adage – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. This rings true in most industries, but especially in more competitive fields like medical sales. The statistics say it all. According to research by Team Stage, 75% of all people surveyed, whether they’re seeking a job or not, spend some […]

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3 Ways Social Listening Will Improve Your Pharmaceutical Sales

Two-thirds of U.S. adults get their news from social media. This staggering statistic — from a 2017 Pew Research Center survey of 4,971 U.S. adults — is a result of social media’s rise in popularity and accessibility. The issue with so many people relying on social media as an information hub is it’s challenging to […]

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4 Ways to Earn Referrals Without Upsetting Your Current Work Dynamics

To get the best sales jobs, you need top notch referrals. In fact, according to Jobvite’s 9th Annual Recruiter Nation Report, 78 percent of recruiters rank referrals as the best source for quality hires. There finally seems to be a simple solution for getting on recruiters’ radar. Now that you understand what recruiters want, you […]

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Improve Your Social Media and You’ll Land Sales Jobs

Recruiters aren’t waiting around to chat with you before they start digging into your online profiles. In an attempt to gain professional and personal insights, 76 percent of recruiters are looking online before contacting job seekers according to a report, What Recruiters Want, by our team here at MedReps. This gives them a clearer picture […]

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Here’s What Recruiters Want to See From You Online

Now, more than ever, job seekers need a solid online presence to land medical sales jobs. In fact, our recent survey, What Medical Sales Recruiters Look For in the Digital Age, found 76 percent of recruiters go online first when they receive a candidate application. Furthermore, a majority of recruiters (63 percent) also said they […]

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LinkedIn’s New Look and What It Means for Your Medical Sales Profile

LinkedIn changed its look earlier this spring. If you haven’t reworked your summary section, or if you have skipped this section altogether, you run the risk of getting overlooked by the recruiters and decision makers who scour the site on a regular basis looking for sales talent. If you are actively job hunting, or just […]

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4 Ways to Join the Medical Sales Conversation on LinkedIn

How to Jump Outside your Comfort Zone and Get Active on LinkedIn LinkedIn strikes fear into the hearts of many. Even those already in medical sales jobs who have to sell products day in and day out may find the notion of selling themselves by networking on LinkedIn intimidating. During the early years, a static […]

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Twitter Recruiting: How to Recruit Medical Sales Talent on Twitter

Using Twitter for recruiting may seem informal and nontraditional, but it’s an effective way to find and add talented medical sales professionals to your team. As the job search becomes more and more social, Twitter presents a great opportunity to make personal connections with qualified professionals, to speed-up the recruiting process. Use these tips to […]