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5 Important Tools Every Medical Sales Representative Needs

A medical sales representative’s goal is to serve medical practitioners in the best way possible. To accomplish this goal, a sales representative will use the best resources and tools available to them. If you want to become less stressed and more efficient, you can decrease your heavy workload by using tools made specifically for you. […]

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Examining Company Culture Through Social Media Content

When it comes to company culture and brand, job seekers can learn a lot about potential employers through their social media profiles. Statusbrew reports that there are approximately 3.4 billion active social media users across all platforms. Businesses who use Instagram, Twitter, and the like offer these users the chance to gain insight into what […]

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4 Ways to Join the Medical Sales Conversation on LinkedIn

How to Jump Outside your Comfort Zone and Get Active on LinkedIn LinkedIn strikes fear into the hearts of many. Even those already in medical sales jobs who have to sell products day in and day out may find the notion of selling themselves by networking on LinkedIn intimidating. During the early years, a static […]