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Client Management: Useful Tips for Medical Sales Reps
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Client Management: Useful Tips for Medical Sales Reps

It’s important to have good relationships with your clients. However, these relationships can often feel like a roller coaster ride because you are actively trying to sell your products to them. Whether they stop being interested in the medical products you represent or they are very busy and difficult to get ahold of, it’s up […]

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The Biggest Roadblocks for Medical Sales Reps

Although a career in medical sales can be rewarding, especially when you’re established and have a solid sales pitch in hand, there can also be some complications. These roadblocks, many of which medical sales representatives have faced at one time or another, are not impossible to deal with. In some cases, you’ll have to get […]

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How to Get Over a Slump in Sales

Even the best medical sales reps sometimes end up in a sales slump. Going for weeks on end without making a sale can make you feel defeated, especially if you were counting on that end-of-quarter bonus that you’ll only get for exceeding your sales quota. 8 Steps to Get Over a Slump in Sales Thankfully, […]


How to Be Both Competitive and Professional in Sales

Working in medical sales requires a number of important skills. In addition to these skills, you also need to be able to be both competitive and professional in order to meet your sales goals. Balancing Your Competitive and Professional Sides as a Sales Rep This is a tricky balancing act that requires you to be […]

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How to Set Boundaries with Your Boss

Working in medical sales can be a bit tricky. You might spend evenings and early mornings at appointments with your clients, taking advantage of any timeslots they have available. Since you’ll be working outside of standard office hours, it may seem as though you’re on call 24/7, always available to respond to emails and phone […]

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How to Recover From a Bad Medical Sales Pitch

Discover how to recover during and after a bad sales presentation. No one is perfect, and that includes medical sales professionals. Even the most experienced and well-prepared salespeople can sometimes find themselves in a difficult situation when presenting to a client. Maybe your pitch didn’t land as well as you’d hoped, or maybe the client […]

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5 Ways to Build Trust in Medical Sales

As a medical sales professional, building trust with your clients is one of the best ways to ensure long-term success. Sure, it’s great to make a sale to a new client, but the only way to build a loyal customer base is to establish trust and open communication to ensure that they continue to order […]

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What to Do When a Sales Client Wants to Choose a Competitor

It’s the news no medical sales rep wants to hear: one of your trusted clients announces they’re about to sign with your competitor.  When a client wants to choose a competitor, it’s key to engage them with natural, easygoing dialogue right away. By speaking positively of the competition, asking your client why they’ve made their […]

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17 Sales Books to Boost Your Medical Sales Career

This summer has meant many months stuck at home with lots of time to fill. Due to the pandemic social distancing guidelines, it’s hard to figure out how to spend all of the time you’d normally be out around town or traveling to new places.  One way you can spend your time more productively is […]