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Don’t Send Your Medical Device Sales Resume Without These 4 Must-Haves

You have 30 seconds or less to impress recruiters with your resume, according to a recent CareerBuilder survey. That’s mere seconds to prove to medical device sales recruiters that you’re right for an open role — on a piece of paper. As if the medical device sales world wasn’t stressful enough. Now, you need to […]

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These 3 Interview Techniques Are Your Ticket to Top Medical Sales Jobs

Traditional interviews are failing recruiters — but not for long. They’re determined to do something about it. In fact, recruiters recently revealed in LinkedIn’s report, Global Recruiting Trends 2018, that the traditional format of interviews is ineffective in assessing candidates’ soft skills, understanding their weaknesses, and that interviewers can be bias. This year, they’re taking […]

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Improve Your Social Media and You’ll Land Sales Jobs

Recruiters aren’t waiting around to chat with you before they start digging into your online profiles. In an attempt to gain professional and personal insights, 76 percent of recruiters are looking online before contacting job seekers according to a report, What Recruiters Want, by our team here at MedReps. This gives them a clearer picture […]

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Crack the Code – Here’s How to Get Instant Access to Entry-Level Medical Sales Jobs

You entered all the details. You tried them in every order possible. Click, click, click, click — access denied. This is a frequent frustrating occurrence for entry-level medical sales job seekers. It seems no matter what efforts you put into your application and interviewing, your more experienced competitors are the only ones with the right […]

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Not Getting Call Backs From Medical Sales Recruiters? Blame Your Application Approach

It’s happened again. Your application has fallen into a black hole. It’s been weeks since you applied to a number of open positions, and you haven’t heard anything from medical sales recruiters. Rather than just wondering and wasting precious time away, you should take a closer look at how you’re applying. The truth is, you’re […]

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Strategy for a Skimmable, Easy-to-Read Medical Sales Resume: Keeping it Simple by the Numbers

When was the last time you spent more than a minute reviewing a resume? When was the last time you printed your medical sales resume out to read? When people are in a rush (salespeople are ALWAYS in a rush) the bottom line is we SKIM (at least for the first read), and WE MOSTLY […]

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3 Reasons Why Autumn is the Second Best Season for Healthcare Sales Job Hunting

  Second only to the start of the year, the months of September and October mark the best time to hunt for pharma and medical device sales roles. Why? Healthcare Sales companies tend to increase their hiring during the fall for three primary reasons: 0

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LinkedIn’s New Look and What It Means for Your Medical Sales Profile

LinkedIn changed its look earlier this spring. If you haven’t reworked your summary section, or if you have skipped this section altogether, you run the risk of getting overlooked by the recruiters and decision makers who scour the site on a regular basis looking for sales talent. If you are actively job hunting, or just […]

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5 Critical Sections to Focus on When Writing a Healthcare Sales Resume

To stand out in today’s strong yet competitive healthcare sales job search market, a killer resume can tip the scales between getting called or ignored. Make sure pharma and medical device hiring managers are impressed by focusing special attention to these 5 key sections of your healthcare sales resume: 2+