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4 Tips to Prove Your Medical Sales Company Is Parent-Friendly

There’s a stress epidemic swarming through companies. Employees are striving to find a perfect balance between work and their personal lives. Medical sales reps are pushing for their companies to improve work-life balance. In fact, 61 percent of medical sales reps reported work-life balance is the most important factor in their jobs in our 2019 […]

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How to Use Analytics to Improve Recruitment

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”VHcV1P1UfFwGQ8A3x5LLMeT16wmG9uEB”] Information is everywhere, and more and more industries are analyzing big data to make sense of it all. But recruiters are falling behind. According to a survey of 480 large companies, only four percent have the capability to perform predictive analytics about their workforce, and just 14 percent have performed significant talent analytics […]