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Talent Sourcing Strategies to Expand Your Team

Sometimes, placing an advertisement for an open position isn’t enough. While this method may bring in some qualified candidates, it can also attract others who will need to be weeded out. This can be fairly time consuming, and those that are truly qualified might get lost in the shuffle. Talent Sourcing Strategies to Expand Your […]

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How to Fulfill the Staffing Needs for Remote, Hybrid, and On-Site Sales Teams

As a staffing pro, you already know how to source talent to match the position’s requirements, company culture, and soft skill expectations. However, it’s now necessary to recruit based on the specific staffing needs of each work modality as well.  While the hybrid structure is a favorite in the workforce right now, don’t assume that […]

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3 Ways to Create The Ultimate Sales Talent Pipeline

You’re focused on recruiting top sales talent. The only problem is — you need all your open positions filled immediately. To accomplish this now and in the future, you need a sales talent pipeline full of engaged and right-for-the-company candidates.  0

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Here’s What Top Sales Talent Is Looking For In A Company

You’re being watched.  As a talent acquisition professional, you’re always being watched. Maybe not directly, but sales talent is keeping close tabs on your company. What they see and how they interpret the company directly impacts your ability to hire top sales talent.  In today’s evolving world, more job seekers place emphasis on gender equality. […]

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Attracting and Retaining Medical Sales Reps Through Wellness

Employee well-being is a hot topic in many industries as employers everywhere realize the importance of caring for their team. When Future Workplace and View surveyed over 1,500 workers, they found that wellness perks matter (and impact productivity). In the medical sales industry, our own research revealed 61 percent of medical sales reps value work-life […]

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4 Must-Haves in Your Pharmaceutical Sales Job Descriptions

Crafting unique job descriptions that catch the attention of top pharmaceutical sales reps is tricky. They’re one of the first factors leading to a candidate’s impression of a company. This means a candidate’s opinion of a company is shaped around something as seemingly basic as a job description.  0

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Passion, Motivation, and Personality: The Key Factors for Reducing Medical Sales Rep Turnover

Hiring medical sales reps can feel like a never-ending project thanks to the rapid turnover rates that are common to the industry. Our recent Best Places to Work Report found that while 80 percent of medical sales reps are satisfied with their current position, more than 50 percent are still looking for a new job. […]

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How to Separate Out Fantastic Medical Sales Reps During the Hiring Process

Hiring a medical sales representative is trickier than the average recruiting process. Medical sales sits in the middle ground between STEM and business, so you’re essentially interviewing for two jobs in one.  0