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Pharma Selling: Marketing & Effective Doctor Calling
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Pharmaceutical Sales: Marketing & Effective Doctor Calling

In any sales job, especially pharmaceutical sales, you’ll need to become eloquent at calling the doctors you call your customers. Since they’re pressed for time and want to know how you think your products can benefit them, these calls need to be done in an efficient manner. Doctors, particularly those on the job who have […]

Medical Device Sales Requires More Than a Pharmaceutical-Style Sales Call
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Medical Device Sales Requires More Than a Pharmaceutical-Style Sales Call

There are many different types of medical sales out there and devices are just one of the niches you may find yourself representing. Unlike other forms of medical specialties, like pharmaceuticals, you’ll need to be prepared to do a bit more than just present literature about the products. Medical devices can include a wide range […]

Challenges in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Sales Industry
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Challenges in the Medical Sales Industry

There’s no shortage of challenges for those new to pharma, medical sales and even veterans. Often we’re lucky if we even get to see our physicians, let alone overcome their objections regarding insurance coverage and competitive claims. Then, there are internal hurdles like compliance standards and ever-increasing goals. As a result, a job known for […]

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3 Differences Between Medical Device Sales and Pharmaceutical Sales

“Medical sales” often gets lumped into one giant category regardless of what you’re selling. This is especially true for those new to the industry. While some of the differences may seem small to outsiders, they’re immense to those selling the products every day. 4+

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Know Your Elemental Personality to Prevent Stress in Pharmaceutical Sales

With shifts in the markets, clientele needs, and working from home, it is undeniable that the past year or so has affected pharmaceutical sales jobs. And, as much as we may dread it, it’s beginning to feel inevitable that the next few years will continue to change the workplace in unexpected ways.  As such, you’ve […]

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5 Pharmaceutical Jobs That Can Lead to Sales Positions

Many professionals seeking new jobs have a common concern, especially when entering a new field: Will I have enough experience to be a strong candidate? If you’re looking to join the world of pharmaceutical sales, luckily enough, there are several jobs that provide relevant experience.  These professions have experience with the drugs, companies, research, and […]

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8 Pros of Pharmaceutical Representative Jobs

You probably realize there are two schools of thought when it comes to pharmaceutical representative jobs: big pharma is frowned upon or pharmaceutical sales is rewarding. There is no middle ground. That’s because if you want to charge into a promising career like pharmaceutical sales, you have to fully believe in the incredible impact you […]

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3 Ways to Showcase the Possibilities of Pharmaceutical Careers

It’s no secret that recruiting can be seriously tricky. You’re essentially a matchmaker. It’s your job to make sure your candidate and your company pair well together. Which means ensuring that candidates are interested in the position and everything else the company has to offer. There are many benefits to pursuing a pharmaceutical career. One […]

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Landing Pharmaceutical Jobs Through Job Boards: Why They’re Still Relevant

It’s no secret that new technology is beneficial during the job search process. And as the recruitment world continues to evolve, you may think of job boards as a dated and irrelevant resource. But we’re here to tell you that job boards still have value. In fact, a Jobvite Report shared that 19% of hires […]

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How to Sell Pharmaceuticals to Doctors: 4 Tips to Teach Your Team

When you invest in thorough training and upskilling for your team, every sales rep under your supervision should know how to sell pharmaceuticals to doctors excellently. But excellence is never achieved without effort. In this case, that effort needs to come from your pharma sales reps and you.  In a recent Deloitte survey, leaders from […]