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4 Top Pharmaceutical Industry Jobs You Should Consider

Many roles fall under the “top pharmaceutical industry jobs” category. While this is a positive for eager job seekers, like yourself, it can also prove to be overwhelming. It seems there are endless lists of requirements, experiences, and job descriptions.  To help you navigate and find the top pharmaceutical industry jobs that are right for […]

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The Difference Between Specialty Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Sales

Pharmaceutical sales casts a wide net in the medical community. There are various forms of medication, types of facilities reps sell to, and target audiences. With all the variables, this medical sales category breaks down into subcategories: pharmaceutical and specialty pharmaceutical.  As you’re determining the right career path, it’s critical to understand the slight but […]

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How Brexit Affect the Pharmaceutical Sales Industry in the UK

Guest post by Charlotte Johnson contributor at Changes Clinic The pharmaceutical sales industry has not been scared to voice its opinion on the matter of Brexit and how the UK leaving the European Union could affect the entire industry. This particular concern stems from the possibility of the United Kingdom leaving the EU, without a […]

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3 Communication Errors Driving Pharmaceutical Sales Talent Away

Communication is key in any relationship. Of course, you know the importance of effectively communicating with top pharmaceutical sales reps, especially in a tight labor market. Your competitors are talking in one ear as you attempt to show why your company is the better option in the other.  Unfortunately, even with the best intentions, it’s […]

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What You Need to Know Before Applying to the Biggest Pharmaceutical Sales Companies

The impact. The salary. The commission checks. The benefits and possibilities. Working for the biggest and most innovative pharmaceutical sales companies certainly has its perks. And if you’ve been dreaming of landing a role with companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer, Merck, or Gilead, you’re likely ready to start applying full-steam ahead.  However, simply […]

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By 2020, This Is What Pharmaceutical Sales Will Look Like

Nothing is constant in the pharmaceutical sales industry. New products, an evolving market, and new consumer generations impact pharmaceutical sales reps every day. Sometimes, however, change occurs forever impacting the face of sales.  PwC, for example, believes by 2020 pharmaceutical sales and marketing will be completely replaced by a new model. The change is a […]

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4 Tips to Remain Confident Over Pharmaceutical Sales Stereotypes

Stereotypes are alive and real in the pharmaceutical sales industry. We’ve all heard them — especially recently. Or maybe you’ve even thought them about pharmaceutical sales peers.  They’re only in it for the money.  Big pharma is in control of everything.  Their relationships and gift-giving to doctors have accelerated the opioid crisis.  These are just […]

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4 Must-Haves in Your Pharmaceutical Sales Job Descriptions

Crafting unique job descriptions that catch the attention of top pharmaceutical sales reps is tricky. They’re one of the first factors leading to a candidate’s impression of a company. This means a candidate’s opinion of a company is shaped around something as seemingly basic as a job description.  0

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What You Need to Know About Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs in Atlanta

Atlanta, Georgia packs a punch of history with a side of vibrant city life. With nearly 490,000 residents, there is clearly something magical about this place. Of course, Georgia holds a special place in our hearts. Actually, just North of Atlanta, we operate and joyfully watch medical sales connections come to life.  0