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Job Search Advice from a Pharma Sales Recruiter

Q&A with Princeton One Recruiter MedReps interviews Isaac Whatley, the Biotech and Pharma Recruiting Team Lead at Princeton One. He’s been at Princeton One for three years and leads a team focused on filling pharmaceutical sales jobs for clients. He reveals what candidates can do to make a good impression and increase their chances of getting the […]

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Interviewing Pharma Sales Reps – 7 Questions to Find the Perfect Fit

Interviewing medical sales rep candidates requires asking more than the standard “What’s your biggest weakness?” question. Because of the diversity throughout the medical sales industry, it’s important to understand which questions help you identify the best talent in your market. 0

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Medical or Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Tips

Pharmaceutical Sales Interview Tips & Common Questions After submitting numerous resumes, attending several networking events and leaning on industry connections, you’ve finally landed a pharmaceutical sales interview. Now the only thing left to do is prepare and try not to let your excitement and nervousness doesn’t get the best of you. Our short guide will […]