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Recruiting Female Talent for Medical Sales Jobs is Changing. Is Your Brand Ready?

Me too. Two simple words have created a movement uniting people around the world. From taking on powerful politicians to wealthy movie moguls, no industry is excluded from #MeToo. In a predominantly male field, like medical sales jobs, trust in leaders, HR, and recruiting is at an even higher risk. This means recruiters will need […]

Medical Device Sales Reps not Welcome
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5 Reasons the Rep-less Medical Device Sales Model Won’t Stick

On any given day, in operating rooms across the country, surgeons look to medical device sales reps to guide them through complex procedures. Although a patient undergoing a total knee or hip replacement may not realize it, a medical device rep from the implant’s manufacturer is usually in the operating room providing guidance and offering […]

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Healthcare news roundup: Feds issue warning to medical device makers, AMA expands definition of obesity

The week in healthcare news found federal officials warning medical device makers about potential cyber attacks, and word from the American Medical Association (AMA) that it was expanding the definition of obesity, which could open the market for pharmaceutical sales companies developing anti-obesity treatments.

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Pharmaceutical sales get boost from good Bayer performance

Sales for drug manufacturer Bayer Corporation grew by 10 percent in the second quarter of 2012, providing relief for pharmaceutical sales reps in a market afflicted by regulatory pressures, the leading cause of concern for pharmaceutical executives. Overall growth in the Consumer Health and Pharmaceuticals segments contributed to the growth—good news in the market of […]