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8 Vital Skills to be Successful in Medical Sales

Obtaining a medical sales job requires more than just the medical skills and knowledge needed to successfully sell the products. You need to demonstrate that you have a number of other vital skills as well. 8 Vital Skills to be Successful in Medical Sales Many of these skills are enhanced or obtained while attending college, […]

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How to Take Charge of Your Career Advancement

Some people sit back and wait for the opportunities to come to them. Others find a way to make it happen. The latter group is the one that usually sees the most progression in their careers. Usually, these are the ones who do everything that they can in order to initiate a raise or a […]

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How To Explain Why You Were Fired & Land Your Dream Job

Due to online search powers, digital footprints and more, it’s more difficult now than ever for candidates to hide why they left their last job. The best way to approach to the situation is to be honest. If you were fired, make sure you let the recruiter know, but also show that you viewed the […]

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Medical Sales Trends to Watch Out For in 2023

Knowing what’s to come in the medical sales industry is not only interesting, but it could help you with your sales goals. If you know how to prepare and get ahead of your competition, reaching your goals will be that much easier. Designed by forecasters who study what changes have been made over the past […]

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7 Steps to Getting Your Desired Medical Sales Results

A new year means new goals to meet for medical sales reps. Regardless of your niche, whether it’s medical equipment, prescription drugs, medical devices or even biotech, you have to plan in advance if you want to meet your sales targets. 7 Steps to Getting Your Desired Medical Sales Results Those aren’t the only goals […]

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Cold Calling Tips for Medical Sales Reps

The phrase “cold calling” tends to strike fear in the hearts of sales reps everywhere. Let’s be honest: no one enjoys making cold calls, as it can be tricky to quickly introduce yourself and your products to busy customers before they hang up. However, in order to meet those sales goals, cold calls have to […]

How Medical Sales Reps Can Improve Their Negotiation Skills
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6 Questions Every Medical Sales Rep Should be Asking

The importance of a sales pitch can’t be overlooked, as it is crucial for introducing your products to customers and making those sales. While sales pitches need to include a number of different things, including hitting customers’ pain points, explaining more about the products and ending with an open-ended statement designed to further conversation, there […]

Marketing Tips for Medical Sales Representatives
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Marketing Tips for Medical Sales Representatives

Medical sales representatives receive a number of marketing materials from their supervisors. The company’s marketing team puts together brochures, packets of information and even batches of free samples or test devices in order to assist the sales reps with their jobs. However, it’s important to note these company-sanctioned marketing materials aren’t the only options. Developing […]