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Negotiating Your Salary to Align with Market Value
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Negotiating Your Salary to Align with Market Value

Whether you’re looking for a new job and get asked about salary requirements during an interview or you’re trying to negotiate a raise with your current boss, there are plenty of ways to go about it successfully. It’s always a good thing when your salary request aligns with the market value of those in your […]

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Find Your Entry-Level Earning Potential by Medical Sales Category

If there is one thing you’ve heard about medical sales jobs it’s that they are rewarding in numerous ways. But that excitement can extinguish fast if you start to overthink your qualifications. Breaking into any new industry can be overwhelming. Your experience in medical sales however does not define your success in getting your foot […]

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Finding the Sales Salary Sweet Spot

When looking for a job, one of the main concerns is pay. Companies generally compensate sales reps through base salary, commission, or a combination of both. There’s no denying that salary and benefits are two of the most crucial aspects of the job search.  However, there’s more to consider than just numbers. The competition of […]

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3 Surprising Stats about Top Medical Sales Salaries

Which Medical Sales Jobs Pay $250k+? The 2015 Medical Sales Salary Report analyzed the incomes of 2,772 survey respondents to evaluate how much med reps earn and which factors have the greatest impact on earnings. According to the report, professionals selling Health IT and Healthcare Software products and services earn the most – an average […]

Medical Sales Gender Pay Gap
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Gender Inequality in the Workplace: How Gender Equality Effects Medical Sales

Gender Equality & Medical Sales We’ve all heard the infamous statistic:  “Women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes.” We’ve also heard the counterargument that the logic behind the statistic is flawed. The statistic doesn’t account for the number of hours that men work versus women. It doesn’t account for differences in […]

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Beyond Cars & Expense Accounts: A Grounded Look at Perks & Benefits

Medical sales reps are famous for the perks of their job. There is almost a mythology built around the benefits they receive. Of course, while medical sales reps enjoy some great perks, it isn’t the lifestyle that those outside the industry might imagine. In recent years, the benefits that reps have enjoyed are not what […]