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What Do Medical Sales Recruiters Look for on Social Media?

You’ve deleted any questionable photos, adopted a more professional language in posts, and avoided talking about employers online — your social media profiles are ready for you medical sales job search. Well, not quite. Your social profiles may not have any glaring mistakes or red flags, but do they show medical sales recruiters what they’re […]

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Twitter Recruiting: How to Recruit Medical Sales Talent on Twitter

Using Twitter for recruiting may seem informal and nontraditional, but it’s an effective way to find and add talented medical sales professionals to your team. As the job search becomes more and more social, Twitter presents a great opportunity to make personal connections with qualified professionals, to speed-up the recruiting process. Use these tips to […]

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Behind the Scenes with a Medical Sales Recruiter

Ah, the mysterious medical sales recruiter. Who are these gate keepers, enlisted to help companies find top tier talent? Their job postings are often vague; their  responses usually minimal. But if you’re searching for a new medical sales job, who better to have on your side? Of course, if you’re hoping to work with a medical sales […]

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Surprising Shortcuts to a Medical Sales Job Offer

It’s no secret that when you’re unemployed, time is not on your side. Each day that passes without a response to your applications means that the gap on your resume is another day longer. So what can sales reps do to speed up their job search? How can they increase their chances of landing a […]

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Medical Sales Recruiter Confessions: The Real Reason I Didn’t Call You

(And What You Can Do to Change My Mind) Are you struggling to get the attention of medical sales recruiters? You’re not alone. In a highly competitive job market, even candidates with relevant experience often report being overlooked. To find out what’s going on, MedReps.com sat down with medical sales recruiter and career consultant Linda […]

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10 Tips for Working With Medical Sales Recruiters

In your search for medical sales jobs, you are certain to come across jobs posted by 3rd party recruiters on behalf of hiring companies. These pharmaceutical and medical sales recruiters are not employed by the companies for which they are posting jobs. Rather, they (or the staffing agencies they work for) are contracted to conduct […]