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Create the Ultimate Coaching Culture That Attracts Top Sales Pros

A lack of proper education is harmful to anyone’s career. However, medical sales reps aren’t only impacted by their own learning, but customers’ as well. In fact, our latest report, Selling Controversial Products: Rising Above the Negativity to Find Positive Impacts, found that 94 percent of sales representatives said a lack of proper education impacts […]

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These 5 Amazon Leadership Principles Will Improve Your Medical Sales Hiring Game

Amazon’s rapid growth and online retail takeover didn’t happen accidentally — or overnight. The company’s wild success continues making leaps and bounds thanks to highly effective and dedicated leaders. In fact, according to Beth Galetti, Amazon’s Senior Vice President of Worldwide Human Resources, it’s their ability to maintain a culture of builders and innovators. In […]

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4 Ways to Earn Referrals Without Upsetting Your Current Work Dynamics

To get the best sales jobs, you need top notch referrals. In fact, according to Jobvite’s 9th Annual Recruiter Nation Report, 78 percent of recruiters rank referrals as the best source for quality hires. There finally seems to be a simple solution for getting on recruiters’ radar. Now that you understand what recruiters want, you […]

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Crack the Code – Here’s How to Get Instant Access to Entry-Level Medical Sales Jobs

You entered all the details. You tried them in every order possible. Click, click, click, click — access denied. This is a frequent frustrating occurrence for entry-level medical sales job seekers. It seems no matter what efforts you put into your application and interviewing, your more experienced competitors are the only ones with the right […]

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This Recruiting Technology Has the Power to Enhance Your Candidate Relationships and Retention

The future of recruiting isn’t in technology. Successful, effective, retention-focused recruiting relies on relationship-based technology. The Institute for The Future says it best in their latest report, The Next Era of Human-Machine Partnerships: “Human-machine partnerships will enable people to find and act on information without interference of emotions or external bias, while also exercising human […]

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These 4 Women Didn’t Let Anything Hold Them Back, Neither Should You

Female. One simple word evokes a myriad of emotions and imagery. What adjectives crossed your mind after reading that powerful first word? Who popped into your mind — are they famous by definition or only in your world? This year, we reflect on this word more than ever as Women’s History Month arrives directly in […]

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4 Strategies Medical Sales Recruiters Need to Put in Their Budget

Companies large and small will be impacted by the final version of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Whether you’re a large company receiving tax cuts or a smaller business with increased deductions, you’ll have some form of ‘new’ cash this year. No matter what your personal opinion is about the tax bill, it’s important […]

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Recruiting Female Talent for Medical Sales Jobs is Changing. Is Your Brand Ready?

Me too. Two simple words have created a movement uniting people around the world. From taking on powerful politicians to wealthy movie moguls, no industry is excluded from #MeToo. In a predominantly male field, like medical sales jobs, trust in leaders, HR, and recruiting is at an even higher risk. This means recruiters will need […]

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Study Says Recruiters Are Increasing Hiring. Be Prepared to Impress Every Single One

Over the past decade, we’ve heard a great deal about the job shortage making it difficult for even the most qualified talent to find a job. But the tables have turned. In fact, 55 percent of recruiters in the U.S. and Canada say they expect their hiring volume to increase over the next year, according […]

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Don’t Let Runner-Up Candidates Fall Through the Cracks

You work hard to source and place top quality talent for your best sales jobs. There are times, however, when the talent pool isn’t up to snuff with the demands of your clients. Unfortunately, this problem is more widespread than you think. In fact, in the 2016 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 65 percent of the […]