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How to be an Effective Medical Sales Leader
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How to be an Effective Medical Sales Leader

Every medical sales team needs a good leader. These leaders are not only in charge of the team, helping their employees meet their sales goals and putting together effective sales pitches, but they also work as a liaison between upper management and the sales representatives. Clearly, there are many qualities that make someone an effective […]

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Getinge Best Practices: Protecting Medical Sales Reps During Unprecedented Times

When the 2020 global pandemic caused a worldwide shutdown, it challenged every business — especially, the medical sales industry. Overnight, companies were forced to adapt to a new reality. For most businesses, that meant shifting their strategies to ensure the safety of their employees as their No. 1 priority. An OSHA fact sheet stated that […]

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Leading Sales Teams Into 2021 Stronger

Undoubtedly, the trials and tribulations of the 2020 global pandemic have created unprecedented sales objections. While it’s comforting to know that most businesses face the same challenges, it doesn’t make it any easier to combat them. Prospects might respond to your pitches with, “We don’t need that,” or “Not right now.” Or maybe they say, […]

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5 Major Challenges With Remote Work and How Companies Can Overcome Them

It has been weeks now that nonessential employees have been forced to work remotely (when possible), and we’ve all had to adjust quickly to this new environment. For some companies, the transition was harder than expected, so you may still be working out ways to make the most of the new normal. While we’re all […]

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Quiz: Discover Your Medical Sales Leadership Style

Sales leadership comes with a great deal of responsibility. Of course, we’re not telling you anything new. You know the success of your sales team and their ability to hit both individual and group goals rests on your shoulders. But you’re up for the challenge — that’s why you’re in this role!  While it’s essential […]