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5 Mistakes Hurting Your Chances of Getting Found by Recruiters

A quick search for Medical Sales, Pharma, or Medical Device recruiters reveals over 170K recruiters with accounts on LinkedIn. There are many more that conduct talent searches using LinkedIn and other platforms.  Combined with hundreds of millions of people who have LinkedIn Accounts (and more growing every day), it’s more challenging than ever to stand […]

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5 Ways to Stand Out in Your Search for Top Medical Sales Jobs

Searching for medical sales jobs can be exhausting. There’s no shortage of pressure in this highly competitive field. But the hype surrounding your competition may be hurting your interview performance or stopping you from applying to the job altogether.  A 2019 study by Duke University found that if players pay too much attention to all […]

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3 Medical Sales Job Search Myths – BUSTED!

At last check, LinkedIn hosts accounts of almost 800,000 experts that describe themselves as a Career Coach — even more with the title of Employment Coach or Resume Writer. Between the advice of all of us “experts” and the well-meaning feedback given by those in our inner-circle, it’s not a shock that there are so […]

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How To Minimize Stress During Your Medical Sales Job Search

For many professionals, the job search is an extremely stressful process. In fact, according to CareerBuilder’s Candidate Experience Guide, applying and interviewing for a job is one of the most stressful events in life. The medical sales job search adds the pressure of a highly-competitive field where hopeful reps all clamor to land the perfect […]