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Medical Sales Jobs at Large Companies: The Truth You Need to Know

Medical sales jobs at large companies offer incredible potential. You can earn large, enticing salaries. They raise the bar even higher with commission structures, bonuses, and impressive benefits. However, there’s almost always a flipside. Medical sales jobs at large companies are also often perceived as cutthroat and sometimes impersonal. In fact, 26 percent of large […]

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Writing Your Resume for Humans and Bots – 3 Medical Sales Resume Trends for 2019

Today’s job searchers face an unexpected dichotomy – a job search that requires them to blend technology with methods as old as time. While somewhere between 70 percent and 85 percent of people found roles as a result of social networking and referrals, according to a 2017 Payscale article, a 2018 Jobscan article reveals that […]

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3 Tips to Get You In the Medical Sales Door During Low Unemployment

NOW is the time to dive into a medical sales career — with or without direct experience. This exceptional window of opportunity is a result of declining unemployment rates, which hit 3.7 percent in September, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As unemployment rates continue on a downward trend, employers struggle to fill open […]

Breaking into Medical Sales Job Search

Ask Linda: Can I Break Into Medical Device Sales upon College Graduation?

Written by Linda Hertz, medical sales recruiter, career blogger, and founder of the Linda Hertz Group. Hi Linda,  I’d like to explain to you my situation, so the question comes off more clear and precise. I’m a 21-year-old college student that is double majoring in sales/marketing. My freshmen year of college, I was striving to become […]

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Secrets to Rapid Job Search Success: How One Job Seeker Landed in Just Two Months

I had an opportunity earlier this year to interview Jeff, a job seeker whose career included eight years at a startup followed by four years at a Fortune 500 company. Earlier in 2018, he decided to test the job search waters again. He landed several interviews within weeks and a job in just two months. […]

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3 Ways Job Seekers Can Impress Growing Medical Sales Companies

Advancements in medicine and technology have made it an exciting time in the medical sales industry. Companies are growing and creating a new world of career possibilities for medical sales reps. Chances are, no matter what your dream company is, there’s an open job there for you. But with all these new opportunities, there’s also increased […]

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Job Search Advice from a Medical Device, Pharma, and Biotech Recruiter

Bill Fell is the owner and director of Recruiting Services at HIRE-IQ.net — a national, full-service, recruiting and career coaching company focused on the medical device, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and clinical research industries. His earlier background includes years in Pharma and Medical Device sales, training and leadership. With experience on both sides of the table, I […]

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4 Signs It’s Time to Leave Your Troubled Medical Sales Company

The last few years have been plagued by corporate controversies. Almost every month, there’s another breaking headline that leads to a CEO resigning or employees being let go. As for the employees left behind, they’re faced with a serious question: should I stay, or should I go? In fact, an ongoing survey from Officevibe found […]

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Pharmaceutical Sales Jobs Available Now at These Top Companies

It’s a great time to be a pharmaceutical sales rep. Our 2018 Pharmaceutical Sales Salary Report found that 80 percent of employees in these roles are satisfied with their job. The compensation is very competitive, there are great benefits, and many of the companies in this field are doing exciting and innovative work. If you […]

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Don’t Miss Out On the Best Healthcare Jobs at These Startups

The healthcare industry used to be driven by large corporations. Traditionally, they had the resources to fund research and product development that made it difficult for smaller companies to compete. But we’re in a new era. Medical sales startups are making waves in the healthcare community. Their innovation, passion, and drive are attracting the best […]