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4 Ways To Explain Why You Were Fired and Land Your Next Medical Sales Job

Hearing the words, “I’m sorry, but we have to let you go,” can be devastating. People are fired for many different reasons. But most of those reasons are not going to end your career. In fact, nearly half of C-suite leaders (45 percent) faced at least one major blow-up in their career — like being […]

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Five Types of Sales Interviews – What you Should Know to Bring Your “A” Game

While the purpose behind a healthcare sales interview has not changed (it’s a chance for them to evaluate you and vice versa), the past few decades have certainly introduced some new interview formats into the game. Here’s a breakdown of the most common interview styles (think phone screens and one-on-one/face-to-face) to types newer to the […]

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17 Things Not to Say in a Medical Sales Job Interview

Preparing for a medical sales job interview can be an intimidating and exhausting experience.  Most job seekers will agonize over how to answer specific questions when asked.  Knowing exactly what to say can make a lasting impression on a hiring manager.  Likewise, knowing what not to say can help you avoid saying something that might […]

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Steps to a Successful Job Search

In talking with recent job candidates looking for a career in medical device sales,  each candidate that was able to find a job had some similarities with their job experience.  Several factors play a role in the level of success that each of these candidates had, however, networking and industry knowledge seem to be the leading factors that proactive […]