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3 Ways Longevity Positively Impacts Medical Equipment Sales Careers

When it comes to medical equipment sales careers, longevity is one thing that can make you more successful than your counterparts. Sure, you may feel the need to switch up your specialties or employers based on the ongoing trends in the field, but this may cause more detriments to your career. As it turns out, […]

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Advances in Micro-Manufacturing for Medical Equipment

Guest post by Gordon Styles, founder and President of Star Rapid Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Micro-Manufacturing: How It’s Rapidly Advancing and Benefitting Patients In the medical and manufacturing worlds, the next big thing is very small: micro-manufacturing. It’s the process of making complex devices ultra-small so they can perform their functions in the tightest of spaces. […]

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3 Ways Medical Equipment Sales Reps Earn Their Place In The OR

Entrance into the OR is the golden ticket for medical equipment sales reps. This is where they plant themselves as the experts of their products. As a result, trust with doctors and other medical professionals in the room grows and evolves into meaningful relationships.  1+