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What is the Best Way to Define Your Weakness in an Interview?
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What is the Best Way to Define Your Weakness in a Job Interview?

Among the many questions asked in a job interview is the one dreaded question about your weaknesses. We’ve all heard it and knew it was coming. The interviewers assume that no one is perfect, not even the ideal candidate, so they feel the need to inquire about what you feel is your weakness. How should […]

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The Salary Counter-Offer: How To Use It To Your Advantage

So you’ve applied, prepared, endured multiple interviews and finally made it to the offer stage of a medical sales job. And all you need to do now is to ask, “Where do I sign?” Right? Wrong. If you do, you could leave precious money on the table. Remember, what you’re about to negotiate may be […]

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3 Ways Job Seekers Can Impress Growing Medical Sales Companies

Advancements in medicine and technology have made it an exciting time in the medical sales industry. Companies are growing and creating a new world of career possibilities for medical sales reps. Chances are, no matter what your dream company is, there’s an open job there for you. But with all these new opportunities, there’s also increased […]


Don’t Overlook Unique International Applicant Experience

International applicants are often passed over for medical sales jobs even though they offer a wealth of skills and talent. These job seekers provide unique insight and value. This is especially important when you’re looking for specific proficiency with global business experience. In addition, international applicants can help keep your placement rates high. According to […]

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Your Lackluster Interview Prep Is Why You Don’t Land Jobs

Successful interviewing depends on confidence and the ability to effectively sell yourself. In this regard, preparation is the key to capturing the interest of hiring managers. It’s important to continually hone your interview skills and keep up-to-date on hiring trends. According to the 2016 Staples Workplace Index study, 68 percent of the more than 3,000 […]

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Lies and Half-Truths: How to Spot Deceitful Candidate Answers

There are times when finding stand-out candidates to fill your medical sales jobs seems impossible. However, if you place the wrong talent, you run the risk of them leaving soon after being hired. This reflects poorly on your recruiting abilities. Still, talent acquisition leaders are increasingly hitting a wall when trying to source and place […]

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Ask Linda: I am 40 Years Old, Do I Break into Pharma Sales by Getting Certified?

  Written by Linda Hertz, medical sales recruiter, career blogger, and founder of the Linda Hertz Group. Mrs. Hertz I have read several of your replies to questions and truly value your opinion. I have had a number of interviews with Pharmaceutical companies and have moved into the final stage several times. I have been trying […]

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How to Make an Impression in the Medical Sales Job Interview

Five minutes. That’s all the time you have to make an impression in a medical sales job interview, a survey conducted by CareerBuilder suggests. The survey of more than 2,000 hiring professionals, conducted in November and December 2014, found that 49 percent know within the first five minutes of an interview if they want to […]