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These Interview Techniques Actually Landed the Job

People do all sorts of things to stand out from the pack when they apply for a job — from connecting with hiring managers on social media to calling them every day. But once you get to the interview stage, making an impression is still just as important. The interview techniques you use can make […]

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3 Steps to Being Your Best Online Self During a Medical Sales Job Hunt

At the end of the day, most successful hunts for medical sales roles are the result of people connecting with people. Yet, the initial stages of the job search and candidate selection process usually take place online. I recommend a three-step strategy that lets hiring managers and recruiters know you’re looking for pharma and/or device […]

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How to Land Top Medical Sales Rep Roles Without Direct Experience

Design a portfolio. Download a job search app. Edit your social media profiles. Update your cover letter and resume. The list of job seeking tips goes on and on. By the time you feel confident in a few strategies, a hundred new tips, tricks, and gadgets are released. And when it comes to advice on […]

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Improve Your Social Media and You’ll Land Sales Jobs

Recruiters aren’t waiting around to chat with you before they start digging into your online profiles. In an attempt to gain professional and personal insights, 76 percent of recruiters are looking online before contacting job seekers according to a report, What Recruiters Want, by our team here at MedReps. This gives them a clearer picture […]

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Land Entry-Level Medical Sales Jobs in Three Easy Steps

You have experience. You swear. You’ve successfully worked in sales and it’s even been for the amount of time required in the job description. But it’s still not enough. This rejection often leads to feelings of inadequacy. But believe me, it’s not a matter of adequacy, but rather a matter of understanding how to effectively […]

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Resume Writing Challenge: I’m So Much More than My Stats

It’s a quintessential resume and LinkedIn dilemma that is common in the world of medical sales. Recognizing that the saying “numbers speak louder than words” applies, many of my clients come to me rich with CRM stats, but struggling to put their ranks and revenues into context. 0

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4 Reasons Job Auditions are the Future of Medical Sales Recruiting

It’s time to pull the cloth off of traditional interviews and reveal their true identity. That’s exactly what recruiters in LinkedIn’s 2018 Global Recruiting Trends report are doing. In fact, 63 percent feel traditional interviews fall short when it comes to assessing candidate soft skills, and 57 percent said the same about understanding candidate weaknesses. […]

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The One Thing Medical Sales Employees Say Your Company Needs

Travelling, hitting personal goals, starting on the road — all of these are traits of successful medical sales reps. Unfortunately, they’re also major team building roadblocks. Forming a cohesive bond between co-workers in the sales field isn’t a one-step, easy process. However, it’s a workplace factor medical sales employees say they need. In fact, in […]

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One-on-One Interview with a Medical Sales Recruiter

Alan Goth is the Founder and Managing Director of Certitude Talent Solutions, a recruiting company specializing in connecting top sales and leadership talent with leading medical technology companies.  Prior to launching Certitude Talent Solutions in 2016, Goth excelled for over 25 years in a variety of medical sales, business development, and executive leadership positions. With […]