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Two medical sales reps discussing questions and answers
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10 Inside Medical Sales Representative Questions and Answers

The medical sales job search is competitive. You might have just the right experience and skills, but it all comes down to that one moment — the interview. There’s more to reciting the right answers to interviewers’ questions. You have to understand what they’re looking for and how to formulate the best response for you.  […]

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10 Behavioral Interview Questions to Identify Top Medical Sales Reps

A company’s success relies on your ability to identify strong medical sales candidates. It’s critical you find people who hold up under pressure, can handle customer rejection, and understand how to strategize from start to finish.  As you know, effectively identifying these qualities in sales reps isn’t always easy. That’s why it’s important to use […]

Interview Job Search

Nightmare Job Interviews Sure to Keep You Up at Night

Everyone knows that the most important aspect of the job-seeking process is the interview.  We’ve all had plenty of them and can probably remember specific interviews that went well while others didn’t.  What makes an interview so memorable?  Was it something you said or something the interviewer said?  Maybe it was a bit of both. […]

Don't annoy the medical sales job interviewer.
Interview Job Search

3 Annoying Things You Say in Interviews (plus 1 thing you would never say)

You’re not exactly sure what happened. It seemed like the medical sales interview was going well, but then, the mood shifted somehow. You went from thinking she was about to issue you a laptop and cell phone, to feeling like she couldn’t get rid of you fast enough. So what changed? Was it something you […]