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Steps to a Successful Job Search

In talking with recent job candidates looking for a career in medical device sales,  each candidate that was able to find a job had some similarities with their job experience.  Several factors play a role in the level of success that each of these candidates had, however, networking and industry knowledge seem to be the leading factors that proactive candidates seem to possess.

Let’s take a look at their steps in the job search process:

Step 1:  Join MedReps.comSuccess Thumb Up Sign

Step 2: Upload Resume & Cover Letter or have our Resume Service create a new one for you

Step 3:  Set-up Custom Job Matches to receive alerts when new jobs are posted matching your criteria

Step 4:  Apply to jobs that match your skills, qualifications and years of experience

Step 5:  Explore the Career Center on to stay up-to-date about the industry and companies that are hiring

Step 6:  Follow-up with the Employers and Recruiters where you submitted your resume

Step 7:  Join networking groups, use LinkedIn as an add-on to your job search on, and get to know other individuals at the target companies where you would like to work

Step 8:  Get ready for your interviews: practice, practice, study, and practice

Step 9:  Repeat steps 4 thought 8 until you find the perfect fit

We can’t stress enough
that in today’s competitive environment, where an employer or recruiter can receive upwards of 150 resumes per position, a candidate needs to do some homework in order to rise to the top of the pile.  Educate yourself on the company, the position, medical sales in general, and practice your interview skills.  See how Laura C., a member of, recently found her dream job using these steps on  In today’s interconnected world, find out who your may know at your target company(s), it may be a friend of a friend, a relative of your best man from your wedding, or your dog groomer’s cousin, but networking is key.

Finally, the day of your interview, bring along several copies of your resume, arm yourself with a big smile, a confident handshake and dress for success – all things that get noticed within the first 5 minutes of your interview.  It seems like a daunting task, however in you practice these things, week in and week out, you will be on the road to success in your new career in a timely fashion.  Good luck and continued success!