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6 Ways to Track Changing Sales Skills Requirements

There’s a lot shifting in the skills requirements in sales and most other industries as well. 

Last year, the World Economic Forum noted they expect 42% of core skills required to perform existing jobs to change by 2022; and one billion workers would need reskilling by 2030. More recently, a Gartner survey found that 58% of the workforce needs new skills to do their job successfully. On top of that, 80% of employers in’s most recent annual survey said they struggled to fill openings due to skills gaps.

These patterns make for a stressful period of transition and information overload in the recruitment process. 

When sourcing talent at a staffing firm, it’s especially challenging to keep up with what’s trending and which trends are of value long-term. Without the direct interaction with medical sales reps that in-house recruiters enjoy, you can’t observe which skills are the highest priority.

That’s why it’s critical you know the right spots to learn about shifts in the industry’s top skills. After all, you aren’t the only one paying attention to what’s happening in the industry. By targeting what experts have to say, you know that you get access to all the top trends without wasting hours in a search engine. The key is to know which industry leaders are the best to check out. 

Here are six resources to watch to stay up-to-date on the skills requirements in the sales industry:

Indeed Career Explorer

Indeed’s Career Explorer helps job seekers identify what path they may want to pursue. However, the information it shares is also valuable for you. Using current data from listings on their job board, it updates the salary, skills, and qualifications for each job. 

Why it’s worth your time: 

The Career Explorer is a fast way to get caught up on main ideas. You get a simple breakdown of the necessary skills for a given job title in just a few clicks. And if you jump over to the “Jobs” tab, you can even skim through what skills requirements competitors have listed for similar positions. 

The HubSpot Sales Blog

HubSpot is a giant when it comes to content creation. They post many new articles every week on pitching skills, tips for email correspondence, sales training, and other strategic advice. Although the blog doesn’t dive into specific types of sales, the skills they discuss apply to medical sales positions. 

Why it’s worth your time: 

HubSpot is arguably one of the most popular sites in the sales industry. That means employers, current sales reps, and sales influencers alike check it out frequently. Scrolling through the headlines about once a week will give you an idea of what everyone’s talking about. And looking over an intriguing post here and there will provide you with an even more nuanced understanding of newer skills requirements. 

LinkedIn Sales Blog

LinkedIn offers its own sales blog as well. It’s organized by topics, with the three most popular ones at the top. That feature helps you see which ideas are most in-demand for sales professional development. There is also a topic called “Modern selling,” which discusses new techniques breaking onto the scene, including the role of social media.

Why it’s worth your time: 

The benefit of checking out this sales blog in addition to HubSpot is its research. The site provides easy access and explanation to the annual LinkedIn State of Sales report, which covers significant themes in the industry. And it’ll feature new research reports as they come out, so you won’t have to go digging to find recent stats about what is most likely to attract talent.

MedReps Career Center

The MedReps blog caters to three audiences: recruiters, job seekers, and current medical sales reps. In the recruiting section, candidate sourcing, culture and retention, and hiring needs are the most popular categories. 

Why it’s worth your time: 

MedReps isn’t the only sales blog catered toward the medical sales industry, but it does the best at speaking directly to your needs. Here, you never have to decipher how the tips for sales reps apply to your recruitment process. Instead, you automatically get what is most relevant to you and your role without filtering anything. 

Udemy Sales Courses

Udemy is renowned for offering numerous online courses to aid professional development, and they have a whole section dedicated to sales training. Each course description includes the main topics students will learn, what the material is based on, and who the creators intended to take it.

Why it’s worth your time: 

Check out the course offerings from time to time to grasp which courses are most popular or new. The skills they highlight reflect what their analysts have discovered are the most important for sales reps to learn. So it is those main ideas you want to jot down and remember to detect in candidates. 

Jill Konrath

Konrath is notable as a sales coach, keynote speaker, blogger, and author. Her website offers resources like worksheets, ebooks, recorded webinars, and the option to sign up for her newsletter. 

Why it’s worth your time: 

Konrath is constantly seeking fresh ideas for sales strategies. And rather than inform you about the certifications and sales experience to look for, she focuses on the personality traits and soft skills that make a great sales rep. Plus, the variety of materials on her website allows you to consume her content in whatever format works best for you. 

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