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The Difference Between Quality and Compliance In Your Medical Device Sales Strategy

For years, the goal of medical device companies was to hit necessary FDA compliance markers. In reality, this focus is still critical in ensuring safety and regulation. But many medical device pros are evolving by shifting their focus to a quality mindset.

As a result, they’re increasing innovation and are more in tune with patients’ needs. This same mindset transformation is one that could change the way medical device sales reps approach sales strategies. It gives them the opportunity to look at the big picture and fully assess how their product aligns with customers’ paint points.

While this all sounds exciting, you can’t start any major transformation without first understanding the basics. How do quality and compliance-based mindsets differ? And what will this simple shift in thinking do to your overall sales strategy?

We’re here to answer these questions and get you started on a new medical device sales journey:  

Compliance mindset

You probably think of medical device developers and engineers when the word “compliance” is mentioned. They’re looking at regulations as a means to appease the FDA. This way of thinking can lead to a dangerous level of comfortability. Rather than focusing on the product’s end result, they’re looking to quickly move from one stage to the next.

In medical device sales, a compliance-focused mindset shines through in how you approach individual tasks. You view smaller, seemingly less significant tasks as a necessary evil meant to get you closer to sealing deals with customers.

This creates an opening for error and disconnect. You’re not using data to its fullest capability and are so focused on your end result that you’re missing the importance of and meaning behind customers’ issues and even objections.

Those with compliance mindsets are focused on:

  • -Moving quickly from task-to-task
  • -Marking a sale complete
  • -Seeing things as they are not how they should be
  • -Making decisions without data

Quality mindset

Having a quality mindset means you’re able to see the value in everything you do. Not just for yourself, but for customers and the improvement of patients’ lives. Even the smallest tasks are looked at as necessary stepping stones to closing a sale.

However, completing the sale is looked at a bit differently by quality-focused medical device reps. It’s not solely about a movement of products and monetary gain. These professionals want to ensure there’s a benefit for all parties involved — the sales rep, customers, and the patients.

If something gets in the way of a positive result for their customer or patient, they’re looking beyond the ‘checklist’ for innovative ways to resolve the issues.

Those with quality mindsets are focused on:

  • -Finding innovative solutions
  • -Connecting smaller, mundane tasks to the bigger picture
  • -Aligning sales strategies with customers’ pain points
  • -Advocating for patients
  • -Ensuring customers and patients are confident in their product

Why implementing a quality mindset is critical for your medical device sales strategy

Now, it’s important to note that compliance can’t be fully kicked to the curb. There are some rules that must be followed. You can, however, find a way to weave compliance into a quality-focused mindset. This occurs when you look at regulatory measures, such as mundane paperwork, as an essential part of your sales strategy.

Once you begin seeing smaller tasks as part of your journey to success, you’ll be ready to evolve into a quality mindset. As you do, you’ll see how your enlightened perception of day-to-day tasks impacts your overall attitude. Each step you take will hold more meaning and purpose, giving you more control over your connections with customers.