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4 Tips to Get Over Those Post-Holiday Sales Blues

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New year, new possibilities — that’s the motto. But for most medical sales reps, it’s more like, “New year, new stressors.”

With 35 percent of employees feeling more work-related pressure during the holidays, according to a 2017 Accountemps survey, it’s no surprise people aren’t excited to jump back into work. To pack on more pressure, medical sales reps go straight from the stress-filled holiday season into a fresh challenge — new, and likely increased sales goals.

These goals are met with the repercussions of decreased customer connections throughout the hectic end-of-year-season. It’s only natural for reps to come back singing those post-holiday blues. The sales slump is real and there’s only one thing to do — fight your way out of it.

Here’s how you can get over that post-holiday slump and kick the New Year off right:

Optimize your mornings

Each morning is an opportunity to hit the restart button. If you continue to wake up feeling overwhelmed, your stress and decreased productivity will only grow. You must get up and actively try to squash those feelings. The trick is to start each morning off on the right foot.

Get into a morning routine that sets you up for a successful day:

  • Give yourself the recommended eight hours of sleep, even if there’s still work to be done
  • Stay hydrated (the water you use to make coffee doesn’t count)
  • Make time for something you love to do before checking your emails and daily planner
  • Jump right into the most difficult tasks of the day to give you a feeling of accomplishment from the start

Keep these tips in mind, then personalize the list. Think about what makes you feel most productive, energized, and at peace. Add these to your morning routine and continue to adjust as you discover what works best for you.  

Prioritize your crazy busy work life

You’re a successful medical sales rep. You have the power to tackle this year’s goals. The increase is something you’ve managed before — and you’ll do it again. However, as goals grow, so does your list of customers. Now is your chance to start with a fresh and organized perspective.

Goal and work-related stressors increase when you’re disorganized. Taking time to prioritize sounds time-consuming. But this is the type of task that will keep your days running smoothly throughout the year.

Every Monday, create a priorities chart for the following week. Organize which customers you’ll see first and why. Then, focus on creating smaller steps that will ultimately lead you to larger goals.

Once these are in place, look at the specifics. When should you prioritize emails? When are your clients most receptive to seeing you? When are you in the right headspace for paperwork? Use these answers to enhance your productivity. At the beginning of each week, review your chart and reorganize to best fit your needs.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to add a place in your priority chart for life outside of work. Give your hobbies, family, and friends time to ensure you’re maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Reconnect and relate with customers

It’s time to get back out there and reconnect with customers. Remember, busy healthcare professionals understand the type of stress that’s on you right now. Just like you, they have to set aside specific time to spend with family and friends. Just because it was the holidays doesn’t mean their workload slowed down either.

Use these similarities to connect with customers on a personal level. Ask them how their holidays were and what’s currently stressing them with the new year. Offer your full time and attention — even if it doesn’t promise to lead to an ultimate sale. This reassures them you’re not focused solely on those new quotas.

Take the pressure off

The ever-wise Eleanor Roosevelt said, “No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.” Just like inferiority, no one can make you feel pressure without your consent. The feeling of pressure itself is a result of outside influencers.

Whether it’s your boss, the responsibility you feel to your family, wanting to outsell the competition or your duty to help customers, these are all outside factors. Allowing them into your life is what creates productivity-crushing, mentally-harmful stress.  

Stop trying to thrive under the pressure. Instead, overcome it. Start by switching your focus to the act of selling, not the outcome. The less you think about the goals and the more you think about customers, the easier each day becomes.

Give yourself time to breathe, especially when you’re feeling rushed. That’s when the pressure becomes unbearable. Go get your favorite cup of coffee. Sit in the car and call that one person who makes you laugh. Most of all, don’t forget your sales strategy. You have tested solutions that get you successful results. Trust them — and yourself.

How do you get over that post-holiday sales slump? Let us know!