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Post-Crisis: 3 Things Medical Sales Reps Need to Know About Your Company

As some states “return to normal,” the COVID-19 crisis continues to change the lives of millions. Even when the entire U.S. hits the all-green status signifying people may freely move on with their lives, the depth of this crisis will be long-felt. 

Medical sales reps are just one of the employee groups fearing the pandemic’s aftermath. Our 2020 Medical Sales Salary Report revealed that 81% of medical sales reps worry the COVID-19 crisis will negatively impact their earnings in 2020. 

There are many emotions and variable factors likely leading to hesitations about future finances. Currently, for example, most reps are unable to enter their clients’ facilities. Depending on their target market and product, sales could have fully halted. Some offices saw a limited number of patients, and others fully stopped procedures for an extended period. 

The much larger dark cloud hovering over medical sales reps’ heads is the wavering economy. Experts predicted a potential 2020 recession in the fall of 2019. Now, we’re seeing people lose their jobs and companies downsizing or closing, bringing the predictions closer to reality. 

These fears create space for indecisiveness and mistrust to breed within the medical sales community. As a recruiter, you have to work even harder to earn candidate trust. The best place to start cultivating that trust is by proving these three things about their future at your company: 

1. There’s success beyond COVID-19

The global pandemic has reps concerned about their income in 2020. In fact, half of medical sales reps expect to earn less in 2020 than they did in 2019, according to our salary report. To show them there’s hope for the future, you’ll need to share the company’s actionable post-COVID-19 plans openly. 

Candidates are aware that their work lives won’t immediately bounce back. Some facilities will open later than others, some may be open but won’t allow nonessential employees into their clinic, and others will likely decrease purchases. 

While reps need to understand that companies prepare for all situations — the good and the bad — it’s essential for them to feel secure right now. To boost their confidence in this unique moment, get specific about post-COVID-19 plans for medical sales reps. Consider these points: 
We will do _____ to ensure the continued safety of our reps. 

  • We’re expanding/increasing _______ benefits to help our reps get back on the road.
  • There will be ______ team meetings a month to encourage collaboration for improving sales. 
  • Leaders will help sales reps accomplish their goals by ______. 

2. The company is always prepared

The current pandemic isn’t the first crisis to impact medical sales reps — and it won’t be the last. There will forever be unpredictable factors swooping in to shake up the world. 

Medical sales candidates understand this fact. They’re not looking for a company that’s immune to constant market shifts, global tragedies, and everything in-between. Instead, they need to know the company is prepared to take on financial changes. It’s also important to show that leaders have a proven track record of putting employees first in these situations. 

Brand the company as one that’s always prepared to take on challenges. Share employee testimonials regarding a situation leaders helped them work through. It doesn’t have to be something that impacted all employees; one-off stories are meaningful, too. 

Perhaps an employee experienced an unexpected personal crisis. Rather than spending weeks figuring out the next steps, leaders already had an action plan ready for this type of situation. Ask employees to discuss what made them feel supported, how they knew their job was safe, and what leaders did to help them continue hitting their financial goals. 

3. Their goals align with the company’s

Every business person knows goals drive companies forward. What many forget, however, is that sales reps’ goals must align with those overarching objectives. This is especially true during a time when reps are extra hesitant to jump ship from their current companies. 

Now more than ever, they need to know their visions have the potential to come to life. Use company goals to connect with reps who have similar goals. Reach out with these details in your initial message to candidates. 

While the information may spark a meaningful connection, it also proves the company has plans for the future. Note role expectations to prove further that they’re right for the position. 

For example, if the company’s goal is to grow X% in the next five years, share how this role directly impacts those numbers. Candidates who have personal goals of expanding their network of clients will identify with the role.

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