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Pairing MedReps with LinkedIn – Ultimate Medical Sales Job Search Success

Like any other savvy job seeker, medical sales reps are enhancing their job search with LinkedIn, using the powerful platform to identify opportunities and network across a growing, competitive industry. In addition, they’re harnessing the power of MedReps to find specific opportunities they hope will lead to success in their job search.

The catch is many aspiring medical sales reps aren’t capitalizing on the countless benefits of bringing the two together. If you combine the robust function of a niche job board like MedReps with the largest career-focused social platform, you’ll undoubtedly improve your outcomes. And by understanding the nuances, you can perfectly position yourself to pursue only the most personally-fitting and career-building opportunities.

Here is how you can enhance your job search experience by optimizing the best offerings of MedReps and LinkedIn:

Start by researching hiring team members

Many hiring managers make themselves all but impossible to find on job postings. In other cases, external recruiters serve as a buffer between hordes of candidates and the busy internal hiring team. Making that first contact with a hiring manager who actually ‘has a say’ takes a bit more work.

Take the time to search for the company and the title of the person you are hoping to connect with on LinkedIn. For example, search, “Medtronic HR Manager” to pull search results from which you can take action. 

When you’ve identified the most obvious current hiring contact, reach out professionally to communicate why you’re interested in the job and give them a heads up that you’ll be submitting your application. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, the “alternative job titles” suggestions may lead you to the right person.

*A note on direct communication. Make sure you’re always prompt and professional with replies on LinkedIn (especially with potential employers). Taking care to respond with a personal note — even to rejections — will always reflect positively on you.

Use LinkedIn to connect with future potential co-workers.

The MedReps platform allows you to dig into all of the details of the job posting — preferred years of experience, specialty skills, medical sales category, even salary. This critical information helps you evaluate whether a job is suited for you and aligns with your long-term career goals.

But even a robust system like ours can’t provide all the insight on what it’s like behind the scenes. This is where you can capitalize on your LinkedIn savvy to connect with other medical sales reps currently working for your potential future employer.

Search LinkedIn for the specific company, then use their “People” feature to find current and former employees. Send them a quick, personal note letting them know you’re considering employment with their current company. Ask if they have any insight on the culture, career opportunities, or other areas of interest.

Remember, individual personal experiences will be subjective. Connect with multiple employees and ask questions that lead to fact-driven answers instead of personal reflection. “How do you like your job?” can open a can of worms for an employee who isn’t well-suited for the position or had a bad day, so keep that in mind as you’re trying to gain the full perspective of the company.

Dig into company details.

LinkedIn lets you take what you’ve already learned from MedReps and create a search that really gets to the root of company culture and leadership.

Finding open opportunities through MedReps helps you pinpoint the exact jobs you’re suited for because you can evaluate a wide variety of criteria within postings. Start by reviewing the job category and experience level to ensure it’s a fit for your current career position. Then, dig into the primary function of the role to gain insight on what your duties might include. If it feels like a fit, the location information and call points provide necessary logistical information to start the application process..

LinkedIn comes into play after you’ve ID’d your perfect potential role. Take the time to read articles the company has posted and shared, and compare them to the company’s advertised mission statement. 

Then, research the postings company leadership shares and reacts to. If their values seem to align with yours, chances are you’ll be a great fit for their organization. And your research into culture and mission will help you excel during your interview, allowing you to speak to the ways in which your values align with the company’s.