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Not Getting Call Backs From Medical Sales Recruiters? Blame Your Application Approach


It’s happened again. Your application has fallen into a black hole. It’s been weeks since you applied to a number of open positions, and you haven’t heard anything from medical sales recruiters.

Rather than just wondering and wasting precious time away, you should take a closer look at how you’re applying. The truth is, you’re likely not giving recruiters any reason to reach out.

In fact, of the 1,600 recruiters and HR professionals surveyed in the 2016 Jobvite Recruiter Nation Survey, 78 percent said candidate enthusiasm is a factor in placement.

That means if recruiters get the impression that you’re uninterested or unable to excite clients, they won’t move forward with you.

Here’s how to capture recruiter attention and get interviews:

1) Submit impressive and skimmable evidence

Presentation is everything and details matter. You must go beyond the standard application materials and provide facts and figures that stand out.

Make sure to present resumes and cover letters in a way that makes them easy to quickly scan. Recruiters don’t have time to scour every word of your application. In addition, leaving out keywords from the job description will cause your application to go entirely unnoticed.

In order to capture recruiter attention, your applications should be clear and concise. They should also be customized to each role, memorable and intriguing enough to entice the recruiter to want to know more about you.

2) Show (don’t tell) your skills and experience

Anyone can say they increased sales, but recruiters want to see how you did it. Start right of the gate by providing actionable takeaways with concrete results. Not only does this prove you’re adept at the job, but it also gives medical sales recruiters valuable insight into your sales approach.

One way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise is through social media. Of the 265 recruiters surveyed in the 2017 MRI Network Recruiter Sentiment Study, 90 percent said they look at social media first before contacting candidates.

You can make sure they’ll find something compelling by posting sales presentations and relevant articles you’ve written. Share links to industry-specific news and events. Also, be sure you’re involved with groups and causes linked to medical sales.

3) Keep on keeping in touch

The cliche says: “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” You should be consistently visible in order to land a medical sales job. This doesn’t mean you should harass recruiters. Instead, schedule regular ‘check-ins’ to find out the status of your applications and share updates on your development.  

When you create new job-related materials (industry-specific articles, presentations), you have an excellent excuse to reach out. In addition, make sure you promptly answer all recruiter communication and always follow up with gratitude.

By taking a hands-on approach (rather than a passive stance), recruiters will see you’re a motivated and active candidate. They’ll have a better idea of who you are as a person and professional, and will contact you to interview for medical sales jobs.

What are you doing to stand out to recruiters? Let us know in the comments!