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This Morning Tip Will Set You Up for Success in Medical Sales

Unsplash: DavidMao

More often than not, how your morning unfolds sets the stage for your mood. If traffic makes you late for your first meeting, stress and frustration can follow you well into the afternoon. But when the person before you in line pays for your coffee, your happiness and gratitude will last throughout the day.

In fact, many successful people overcome these unpredictable moments by deliberately starting every day with gratitude.

Oprah has said that being grateful is her ultimate mood booster. And a recent Harvard study actually revealed she isn’t the only person so positively impacted by gratitude. The research found those who focus on things they’re grateful for are happier and more optimistic.

By creating a habit of being grateful every morning, medical sales reps can also counteract the multitude of work-related stresses. As a result, they’ll be happier, better focused, and more successful in all aspects of their life — especially their careers.

Here’s how you can find gratitude every morning and increase your medical sales success:

1. Focus on what you have

The medical sales field is incredibly competitive. However, competing with other sales reps isn’t what inhibits gratitude. Often, medical sales reps see their colleagues succeeding, making more money, or even being promoted and become envious.

This is a natural emotion and it’s important to be aware of these feelings. However, envy should never be allowed to overshadow how you feel about your own accomplishments.

Whether big or small, you’re making moves every day. Be proud of those steps.

Each morning, take a moment to remind yourself of everything you have and how far you’ve come. Remain focused on these moments as you go throughout the day.

2. Write down the joy of your journey

The morning offers the perfect time to reflect on the previous day. Whether yesterday was invigorating or an uphill battle, after a good night’s sleep, you’ll gain much-needed distance and perspective.

Use this fresh perspective to write down what parts of your medical sales journey gives you the most joy. The act of writing gives you room to expand and elaborate on moments you have little time to process while in the field. You may even be surprised by some of the things that come to mind as you jot down your moments of joy.

Keep your journal by your bedside. Each morning set aside just 10 minutes to write and a few more minutes to review each large and small victory of the past.

3. Ask for help

No one can conquer every challenge alone. Even in the big, bad professional world of medical sales, you’re not expected to. Actually, being aware of when you need support promotes humility and gratitude. Both of these traits are critical for success in this fast-paced career.

If your moments of gratitude are interrupted by anxiety, it’s time to reach out to your support system. Open-up about your goal to increase gratitude. Ask how they remain positive when they lose a sale, hit below their sales goal, or are feeling defeated.

Remember, though, not every tip will resonate with your needs. Consider how you can alter and apply them to your own career and life. For example, if a mentor suggests mindfulness techniques in the morning, but that isn’t your style — that’s OK.

Consider what parts of their suggestion work for you. Maybe it’s giving yourself time in the morning to go for a quiet walk to reflect or sit in your favorite part of the house with a cup of coffee.

4. Appreciate your opportunities

Finding gratitude in every opportunity directly affects your sales relationships and goals. Appreciating all opportunities that present themselves to you will make you more aware of how important they are to your sales journey.

Recognize your own opportunities, the goals they’ll help you hit, and the bravery you’re using to take advantage of them. Stay focused on present moments. This prevents you from being discouraged by missed opportunities and becoming overwhelmed by the future.  

How do you make gratitude part of your morning routine? Let us know!