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MedReps Round-Up: Medical device hacking, FDA approval issues, and more

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MedReps Round Up: Medical Device hacking, FDA approvals, and more.
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  • Hackers Could Go After Medical Devices Next: The FDA has issued a warning to hospitals concerning the use of Symbiq, an infusion device from Hospira. Although no attacks have happened yet, the device is vulnerable to hackers, leading to the question, what other medical devices are at risk? Read more.
  • New Medical Devices Get to Patients Too Slowly: The FDA is speeding up their approval process for new pharmaceuticals, but research shows that new medical devices aren’t getting to market fast enough. Is the process slowing down approvals for life-saving devices? Read more.
  • This Medical Device Startup Just Raised Cash and is Heading to Rwanda: After raising more than $1 million, Shift Labs is taking its new DripAssist product to Rwanda, where an affordable way to monitor and measure IV drips is desperately needed. Read more.
  • A Conversation with a Corporate Venture Investor at J&J: Renee Ryan, vice president of investments at JJDC, shares the company’s investing vision in the midst of a changing healthcare environment. Read more.
  • Sexy Medical Devices and Consumer Messaging: Can the Industry Reinvent Itself? Unlike pharmaceuticals, medical devices aren’t typically marketed directly to the consumer, but should they be? Will medical device companies need to focus on branding and marketing to reach patients in the new healthcare industry? Read more.

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